Thursday, August 9, 2012

Be Talk: BeYu Hydro Star Volume Lipstick (Shade 368 ) Review

Brand Name: BeYu 

Product Name: Hydro Star Volume Lipstick

Shade Number: 368

Price: € 10,95 

I had read and heard a lot about BeYu products while I was in India-then after coming to Germany-I learned that it is actually a German brand!!! In Kolkata, I used to find BeYu in few select shops but here-in Germany-it is one of the most frequently occurring names among beauty products. Last week I simply couldn’t resist buying one of their lipsticks-and so got myself a beautiful pink shade from them. And then discovered..what? Read on!

About the company BeYu ( I noticed it only here that the name actually stands for Be -You-and not Bay-yoo :D)

BeYu cosmetics and more GmbH, part of the ARTDECO cosmetic group, was founded 12 years ago by the owner and cosmetics market expert Helmut Baurecht. The company, which employs more than 400 people, is one of the most successful producers of high-quality cosmetics in Europe.

Helmut Baurecht  launched the BeYu brand in 1999 because of his passion for cosmetics. Since then, BeYu has grown faster than almost any other cosmetics brand – because BeYu offers premium quality in the medium-price segment, thus fulfilling the wishes and expectations of sophisticated women between the ages of 25 and 35. BeYu is now sold in 39 countries outside Germany. In nine of these, it is available exclusively from Douglas.

What the BeYu website says about the Hydro Star Volume line of lipsticks:

Irresistibly seductive lips!

Hydro Star Volume Lipstick conjures up irresistibly soft, well cared-for lips.  Hyaluronic acid is encapsulated in the Spherulite Crystals®. They enclose the active ingredient, ensuring it is dispensed consistently and with control. After 30 days, the moisture content of the lips has increased by 22.5%. Brown algae extract helps to increase the moisture balance. The nourishing active ingredients protect the lips against drying out, and after 30 days’ use the lip volume has increased by 13.8%. This lipstick contains no lanolin, gluten, fragrances or parabens. 

Me Talk:

A beautiful pink never fails to attract a girl and I was instantly hooked to this shade since I saw it in the Douglas store in Gottingen, Germany. Douglas is much like Sephora-an exclusive store for makeup and beauty products-one can find the most famous brands here-sadly the outlet in Gottingen (the city nearest to where I live) doesn’t house MAC :(

The most famous meeting place in Gottingen-Ginseliesel- statue of the Goose Girl
I find this lipstick to be very similar to Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks-in terms of softness and pigmentation. 

The shade is a rosy pink color. It is moisturizing and gives a luscious glossy look to the lips. Owing to its soft texture-it doesn’t accentuate fine lines on lips-the finish is like that of a liquid lipstick. The staying power..umm..well 3-4 hours without meals-which is not the best among the lipsticks I have used. But it fades gently leaving behind a mild pinkish tinge (I wont use the word stain-I actually dislike lipsticks that leave stains behind!)

Overall this is a nice lipstick-I especially like its moisturizing quality and the variety of shades! Looking forward to pick a few more from this range :)  :) :)

Pro Side:

1) Moisturizing
2) Well Pigmented
3) Soft texture that glides smoothly
4) Not very long staying but leaves a pinkish tinge behind
5) Price is pretty reasonable for the quality


1. Tends to bleed-so a lipliner is a must
2. With meals-the color would fade considerably-so make sure to carry it around with you!
Recommendations: 80%
Oh-after coming home-this is what I discovered!! I already have 4 lipsticks which are cousins of the Beyu shade I just bought!!!!!

From Left to RIght: Elle 18 Shade No 50, Beyu (HSV 368) Avon Ultra Color Rich (Wineberry), Revlon Colorburst (Soft Rose) Faces Canada (First Lady)
Image Credits: Beyu Website,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Be Talk: Bhairavi Jaikishan Sarees at the Lakme Fashion Week 2012

I saw a fleet of awesome sarees on display at the Winter-Festive season of Lakme Fashion Week 2012. I found the couture by designer Bhairavi Jaikishan so flattering to the eyes that couldn't help sharing them with you ladies!

While the burst of fluorescent colors are certainly refreshing-the work with zari and sequins are subtle enough that the outfits are not looking garish or over the top! And the bottomline - tissue and net pallu is going to be a statement for the coming festive season!

I loved the makeup too-nude eyes with bright lips. The  hair is made in retro style and there is absolutely no accessorizing. It went Oh So Right with these heavily embellished sarees!  


And the showstopper: Amy Jackson

Overall I found this collection to be very elegant yet vibrant! That's a rare combination-so I believe even if one is not wearing exactly these sarees-this show at LFW can provide an example of how a very  gorgeous outfit should be paired with the correct makeup and styling!

A word about the Designer: Bhairavi Jaikishan from the Lakme Fashion Week website:

Having been on the Fashion Design scene since 1987, Bhairavi Jaikishan has built up a reputation of being a designer known to give an international look to an Indian ensemble. Her forte is a marriage between Indian silhouettes and contemporary embroideries and treatments. Her collections are based on feelings and emotions and focus on giving the wearer confidence and grace through fluid silhouettes that flatter the female form. Every collection revolves around a large spectrum of colors that evoke happiness and a joy for living.

Image Credits:,,, google image search results

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Press Release : Ten NEW shades of Lotus Pure Color Lipstick Introduced!!!!

Beauty-holics Ahoy!!!

Lotus Herbals introduces 10 new shades of PURE COLORS™ Lipstick

Lotus Herbals has introduced 10 new, stunning shades of PURE COLORS™ lip colors, under its Cosmetics Ecologique make up range.

 Lotus Herbals PURE COLORS™ range of lip colours is 100 % vegetarian, natural and safe and animal product free. It is enriched with botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Jojoba. 

 It is priced at Rs.245/- and is available in 32 shades at select premium beauty and department stores across the country.

Personally I am a big fan of Lotus Pure Color lippys because of their awesome quality and reasonable pricing. So, girlies- dont forget to drop into your nearest Lotus Herbals outlet to check out these beauties!!!

Image Courtesy: Lotus Herbals PR and Google Images

Friday, July 13, 2012

Be Talk: Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner

Product name:  Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner

Type: Pencil Liner

Shade: Black

Price: Around 7 Euro

Availability: Not available in India yet

Well this is after I moved to Germany for pursuing my studies. The first thing that I needed to survive in this new place was-err-a perfect black eyeliner!! Hehe-it sounds weird-but I can honestly confess that I can survive German food-German winter and well even the preliminary shocks of living away from family-but I wouldnt survive a day without a jet black-longstaying eyeliner!!!

This is my everyday look-so you can guess how much my regular NEED for liners is :D
 So-the first thing I looked for in the supermarket here in Germany was –yes-not cereals, not soaps- but a good eyeliner pencil!!! The one that I brought from home along with me here-the Revlon Colorstay liner pencil-I have preserved it like some heaven’s gift (yes! Even here-why-I shall discuss shortly!). To take its place-well not exactly-but close-I now have  the Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner pencil and here-I talk about it!

The twist up version is shown here-however I prefer the shapen-able variety

I dont know why they call it Khol instead of Kohl!!!

Maybelline is one magic brand which can bring before you exactly what you want- at the price you are willing to pay and the quality you can happily accept. The Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner pencil gets full marks on my first criterion-it gives the most pigmented and blackest black line in one swipe. The finish is glossy and the liner does not budge a bit even when I am wearing for a whole day! And..the price is just 7 Euros!! Beat that!

U get that in just one stroke!

After wearing the liner for a full day!!!
Okay –but even this piece of beauty can be beaten! Although this liner doesn’t fade much or smudge even on lower lashline-it messes up my upper eyelid somewhat :(  Well-off course I make a thick line-thicker than one usually makes with an eyeliner-but after 5 minutes of applying I am sure find to a black rainbow forming on my eyelids !! 

 That is where my old buddy Revlon Colorstay take away the laurels! (read its review here) The Revlon Colostay-would stay exactly where I would put it-not a millimeter aside! 

So to sum up:

Pro  Side:

1) Most pigmented black liner one can expect
2) One stroke of this line gives a glossy-pitch black line.
3) Doesnt fade even on my oily eyelids. Staying power is nearly whole day (12 hours)
4) Price is within grocery-budget! :D

Down Side:

1) Smudges on the upper eyelid-however this wont be a problem for girls liking a thin line
2) Not available in India 

Recommendations: 100%

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Be Talk: Celeb Style: Bipasha Basu at IIFA Awards Green Carpet 2012

The recent IIFA festival held in Singapore had some Bollywood stars dazzling the flash bulbs to shame!!! I guess this years IIFA had higher style quotient than the previous years'. Want to know why?? Just Google-"IIFA 2012 Red Carpet" and you should be ready to be stunned to see how the styling of our Bollywood divas can equal or even surpass that of Holly-celebs!!!!

Out of the best dressed belles-along with the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Nargis Fakhri, Chitrangada Singh-I found the Bong-Bips to be burning my laptop screen in a hot-red Gauri Nayanika gown! 

The makeup-I think is perfect. Peachy red lipstick-not at all over the top. Her signature thick and dark liner-with silver-shadow. I was wondering how such a simple composition could work such wonderfully when you pair it with the right outfit and on the right occasion! The golden danglers, animal print clutch-diamond wristets-"deadly red" painted nails-it seems Bips (or her stylist) had really done their "homework" very well :D Sad-I couldn't have a glimpse at her footwear. What could be seen is sight enough!!!


Last Word? Check this video!

Image Courtesy: Google Search results, as mentioned in respective watermarks,Google images
Video Coutrtesy: Youtube

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Talk: AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Butternut

Be Talk: AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick 
Brand Name: AVON

Line: Ultra Color Rich

Shade: Butternut

Price: INR 299 but varies with available offers

This post was long due. I bought 3 AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks last year on a superb offer. It was "2 for Rs 319" and given the awesome qualities of this particular range of lipsticks-I found the offer too good to miss! I actually ordered four of these lipstick-out of which three reached me.  I have reviewed Twig (here) and Wineberry (here!). This is the last one-waiting to be talked about!!!


AVON lipsticks –especially the simply pretty and Ultra Color Rich range, packs good quality, beautiful and deeply pigmented colors with very competitive pricing. Also the best attraction about AVON products are the occasional offers that accompany their products-that simply makes them irresistible to us-the makeup maniacs like us. 

Me Talk:

Butternut is a shade that can stand out in your lipstick collection! That's because its a fusion of an earthy red with lots of brick tinge in it. It is kinda chilli red! Perfect for bright or wheatish skin tones-I can picture it rocking with a gold-and-brick Kanjivaram Saree on some evening occasion! I think this shade can jazz up even dull-colored outfits! Off course I would keep the eye makeup minimal if I am wearing this shade or it may look garish.


1) An unusual but nice red shade. It is glossy in finish.
2) Very moisturizing
3) Deep pigmentation-gives an opaque finish in 1-2 swipes. Good for pigmented lips
4) Stays long-about 3-4 hours without meal. Fades evenly
5) Price is reasonable-at offers like this-I got this beautiful lipstick at less than 160 bucks!! (2 for Rs 319 offer)
5) Wide range of colors available

Down Side:

1)The pictures in Avon catalog are misleading-without seeing reviews-its impossible to know the actual shade
2)Available through representatives

Recommendations: 90%