Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be Talk: Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25

Brand: Lakme

Type: Foundation

Line: Absolute

Price: 575 INR

Quantity: 15ml

Shade: 03

Well-so here is the Lakme Absolute collection-long awaited and much coveted!! With the BREAKING NEWS that finally the products of this line are available in stores-it felt as if IPhone 5G has launched or maybe Peugeot has finally hit Indian roads!! I am fully sure-along with its launch-the Lakme Absolute range has stolen the spotlight from all the other cosmetic brands-and everyone is crazy to know what the products are like! Well, how could I have been away from it then!

In a recent haul (read the Haul post here!)-I got myself the Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25. So here is the review for all the girls who are eagerly waiting in their shopping suits to pounce upon the stores!

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25



Since the Lakme website has not yet updated the product details of this line-I am taking them from the Urban Touch website:

Quick Overview
Innovative weightless formula for a flawless finish


Lakmé presents Absolute - a high-performance long wear makeup range. This premium range of cosmetics has been specially created for the woman of today who leads an international life with a soul that is Indian at heart.
This ultra light, oil-free, water based formula delivers naturally fair, breathable skin. Its weightless formulation hides pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone to leave skin peachy soft all thorough the day. It lasts up to 16 hours without fading and has Vitamin B3 and sun protection of SPF 25 too.
Looks like your skin, Feels like your skin!

How to Use

Using fingertips, gently spread tiny dots of the mousse over face and neck. Blend into skin beginning from the centre of the face moving outwards.


Ok-I would like to start off saying that-the product is quite similar to the Lakme 9-to-5 flawless makeup-it even smells exactly like it-a fruity fragrance. I say it in the first place because this was my very first reaction when I used this foundation for the first time! Speaking in greater details-this foundation has a creamy texture (an improvement over the 9-to-5 flawless makeup). It feels really light and gives medium to full coverage. It is difficult to tell now-that how long it would stay under bright sun and stark humidity-since none of these situations are now prevailing at Kolkata. But this makeup is definitely long staying-I can say from the way it formed no "layer" over the skin on applying-and didn’t wash away on pouring water. It’s light enough, not to make you feel that you are wearing a foundation. It gives a full matte finish-which looks powdery on blending (CHECK1) . It settles very quickly-and must be blended immediately-or else it gives a patchy look (CHECK2) Furthermore-I found it to be drying-on my combination skin-which looks very “made up” - rather chalky -on applying this-although I took just a pea sized amount for my full face (CHECK3) And there are only 3 shades available-I took the medium one for my wheatish complexion-the SA said the other two would be either too light or too dark for me (CHECK4)

Can you see the chalky finish after blending?

Due to the last four CHECKs-I find it really similar to the Lakme 9-to-5 flawless makeup. Something that I abandoned halfway before even finishing one bottle.

Apart from the creamy texture and light feel-I have found nothing impressive about the Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover SPF 25 Foundation

Check the patchy finish-near the bridge of the nose and jawline


1) Creamy texture
2) Feels light on applying
3) I think this can stay long-it didn't wash away on pouring water. 

Down side:

1) It settles quickly-and has to be blended thoroughly-else the face would look chalky
2) Even on blending thoroughly (10 mins with a thick flat kabuki)-the face looks very made up-with a whitish cast -whats worse-if there are acne marks-they tend to look more prominent due to the powdery finish
3) I found it to be drying-especially on my combination skin-dry patches appeared along my jawline-and along my lip area= and odd making the application look very prominent.
4) Only three shades available. I don’t think that is adequate to cover the large range of Indian skin tones
5) I wear glasses-and found that on taking them off-the clamps on the specs left prominent marks where the foundation has melted awar-this was totally awkward-I prefer a no or minimal touch up foundation!
6) Will burn your photos if taken with flash! (I took some of mine-they looked total ghastly-so not posting here!!!) So wrong for night parites!!!

Overall-I am not happy with this foundation. It surely is not for people who want a dewy or natural finish-also I don’t think girls with dry skin would like this much.

Recommendations: 50%


  1. OMG OMG OMG thank u sooo much for the review Anuradha!!!! Now i know i shouldn't go for this... its too chalky finish types na... i like dewy dewy... blush review please ;)

  2. Your second picture is very nice! but in first, the foundation entirely looks like as if you have applied any face mask! I didnt like the finish and its very difficult to blend also! Its damn costly too! this product is total passe for me! Thanks a lot for the review dear !

  3. ohh nooo.. what a fail from Lakme.. I wanted to try this.. Thanks for the review Anu.. Now I've changed my mind!!

  4. Samyukta: Heyy welcome to my bloggie!!!! and hey steer clear out of this foundation-you will get Revlon New Complexion makeup-and Lotus stick makeup-which are 20 times better than this at lower prices!!!! and would post blush review tomorrow!! :) :)

  5. Taps: dont buy this-I will try to mix it with some sunscreen and make a tinted moisturiser to use it up-else alone it gives disastrous results!

  6. Rekha: you know-I think Lakme has packed its 9to5 flawless makeup in a new packaging-it is so so similar to that-even the smell!! and same bad results!! dont buy this-total waste :( :( :(

  7. Ah! Thanks for the review. The main problem with the foundations is this. They show up around the mouth and the nose and look ghastly in photos. Even the Invisible one, looks perfectly natural in the day light, but shows up horribly at night

  8. ei word verificationta shora to! birokto lage! mojatai chole jay jno! :(

  9. Niv: exactly-I thought Lakme would bring some improvements after creating so much of hype-and the same saga continues :/

  10. and kon verification-?? kothay diche??? comment posting e ki?? ebaba-ami asole nijer profile bole bujhte parchina-coz not asking me :D :D kikore soray ??

  11. I'd used the 9 to 5 and always wondered where i am going wrong wit the makeup. Only when i ditched it i realised what was wrong! Thanks for the review.. this was a much awaited range and looks like lakme is trying the "nayi bottle mein purani cheez" formula here :(

  12. Totally Ankita- this foundation is ditto same as the 9-to-5 makeup-I had nightmares with that one!!! Worst foundation!!! And now I have this!! dunno how to use it up x( x( x(

  13. yups i hv lakme 9 to 5 and i face the same problem with it ...patchy look on the bridge of my nose... I would suggest mixing a drop of this foundation with lots moisturiser n use it ...

  14. Thankuu Rids!!! Infact the way you suggested is the only one by which this foundation can be used-alone it will lead to nightmares!!!

  15. only 3 shades?? a high finish to your skin.... looks nice..

  16. Nooo-it looks real bad in flash photography!!! dont buy this-also the shade choice is very limited :( :(

  17. i will not try this bcoz i don like heavy finishing foundation........ i like waterbased light ones........

  18. I will review 2 good foundations after this one- check them out :) :) :)

  19. Thanks hun for this review,,was about to buy it tomm,,
    I guess I will have to start my foundation (perfect) hunt again :p

    Thanks again :)

  20. Hehe-I am happy that my review has helped you a bit-dont buy this! I dunno how can this thing be managed at all-I will try Rid's suggestion :) :)

  21. totally-and that too after hard blending :/ :/ :/

  22. What a nightmare! I'm looking for a light-weight foundation right now, the other two good ones you mentioned, would one be the Faces mineral foundation? What's the other one? I'm really finding it so difficult to process all this! :))

  23. hehehe-I would suggest trying Revlon New Complexion makeup or Revlon Colorstay foundation -both are wonderful!! Also-Faces minerals foundation could also be ur favorite-if you find it in a matching shade :)

  24. I'm so skeptical of Revlon after using their Touch and glow moisturizing makeup! :( I'll toss between Faces and the Lakme Mattreal, any thoughts ont he mattreal?
    Thanks for replying so soon btw :)

  25. it looks chalky because the foundation is way too light for you
    try a darker shade

  26. Finally found a non rave review of this. something honest. appreciate it. thanks for the review (and for saving me 575 bucks)


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