Thursday, December 1, 2011

Be Talk: Lotus Herbals Pure Colors' Lipstick in Rosewood

Brand name: Lotus Herbals
Line: Pure Colors
Shade: Rosewood (No. 641)

Price: Rs 225

Lotus herbals houses some amazing lipsticks in all its ranges. So far I have about 5 lippys from the three ranges-Pure Colors, Moist Petals and Floral Glam-and I am smitten by the sheer quality of these line of lipsticks. I am also happy that an Indian brand can offer lipsticks of such high standards while keeping the price within the reach of everyone. A lotus lipstick doesn't need much effort to become your forever favorite. The colors are also an USP of this brand and most of them are suited to the T for Indian skin tones. Such a shade is Rosewood from the Lotus Pure Color Range.

Description of the Lotus Pure Color Lipsticks

Pure Colors’ is a range of 12 exciting moisturizing lip colors in pinks and browns. There are 6 shades of each type. They have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The unique product qualities are: - Uniform dispersion of pigments - Rich payoff - Smooth application 


JOJOBA – Jojoba helps promote healing of the skin. – Its antimicrobial properties in addition to the chemical composition that closely resembles skin’s natural sebum, makes it easy to absorb and non-allergic even in the most sensitive individual

Picture from Urban

Me Talk:

As good as the quality of the Lotus Herbals Pure Colors lipsticks are-there are also very pretty colors in this range that are most apt for everyday wear. Most of them have earthy touches-and pack the familiar colors of pink and maroon with a hint of difference. The colors-bright or nude-never look garish. The pigmentation is good-and gives almost opaque finish with one or two swatches. The Rosewood shade I found however-is little less pigmented than another shade-the peach creme -from the same line. Rosewood is a deep plummy pink color and although it has great moisturizing quality-this shade may have some problems with giving full coverage to pigmented lips as it is more sheer. This is evident fro the swatches below.
After about 3 swipes

Pro Side: 

1) Very wearable deep plummy pink color-would look great especially on warm skin tones

2) Very moisturizing-almost like a lip balm combined in a lipstick
3) Most affordable lipstick considering the quality its offering!!!!
4) Fades evenly-and stays easily for 2-3 hours without meals-for this particular color-I have found the peach creme shade to be even longer staying
5) Very creamy and doesn't accentuate fine lines on lips
1) This particular shade is more sheer and does not efficiently conceal pigmented lips easily-In one word-its not a One Swipe lipstick
2) Due to its slightly sheer nature-its staying power is lesser than other shades like Peach Creme in this line

Recommendations: This Line: 100%
                                This color: 80%


  1. wow...this is suiting u a lot anuradha :)

  2. Hehe-thanks-but more than usual number of swipes are required to get the full color-in first swipe-its almost sheer :( :( still-the final color is real pretty :)

  3. I have the same shade...Anuradha...same pinch..I love it..

  4. @Maddy: love you sweet heartieeeee-muahz <3 <3 <3

  5. Veryy pretty shade, am glad I have ordered this and it will come by this week! i have peach creme, orchid kiss, pink blush from this range, i love these a lot!But orchid kiss has gritty sparkles, which i dont like!

  6. Everytime I go to MM thinking of buying pink blush-I come back with something else-funny but true :D :D but I am glad I got this one-very wearable shade for everyday :) :) :)

  7. Pink blush is a veryy pretty pink shade! do try that out, but it has funny fevicol kind fragrance, god knows why?

  8. I don't own a single lotus lippie :(....but after reading so many good reviews I think I should lay hands on few of them. Any suggestions for shades?

  9. Ohh!! Well-my suggestion would be peach creme-if you like peachy corals-then there is pink blush, carnation and this rosewood-which are varieties in pink-there are also some good reds in this line. Also check out the moist petals range and floral glam range-they are awesome in terms of quality too!!!!

  10. Beautiful shade!!!! Looks great on you :)

  11. Aww thankuuu Rakhshanda!!! and welcome to my bloggie!!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. pure colors are also nice na..but I am happy with my so many moist petals too actly :P
    looks nice on u..:)

  13. very pretty indeed. how is redwood different from pink blush?

  14. Hey Madura-welcome to my bloggie!! Pink blush is a deep plummy pink with creme matte finish-rosewood is much lighter and is more sheer-rosewood is kinda coral and pink mixed I think :)

  15. Bhumika: hehe-I love both the moistpetals as well as the pure colors-both have awesome quality-also the Floral glams are nice-but mine one broke :( :(


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