Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be Talk: Faces Minerals Eye Shine Trio in Berry Bliss

Brand: Faces

Line: Minerals Eye Shine

Shade: Berry Bliss

Price: INR 599


One thing that I am finding pretty much interest in, nowadays-is to move beyond the simplistic  "Liner and Kohl" look for everyday wear. I don’t want to go for something outrageous-like tangerine and yellow with green sparkly liners- but a touch of color in the eyes has a very subtle appeal-that instantly distinguishes the look from the commonplace ones. And yes-the color has to be matte-or at most-matte with a silky sheen! Anything shimmery! OUT!

I am addicted to brown shadows when it comes to regular eye makeup. I simply pick up a brown pencil liner and smudge a broad line to get my everyday look. However-once I realized that pink and lilac shades-in matte or sheen-full matte (how does that sound like /wahaha) also looks good on me- I decided to head for the Faces Minerals Eye Shine Trio in Berry Bliss, seeing it at a store.




One thing I dislike about the brand Faces is that-it doesn’t have a website to properly promote or at least give a description of its products. I mean-come on-how much time does it take to make a webpage and float it?? And knowing that today’s people love to check out even Vindi recipes on the internet before cooking it-not having a proper website is a SIN for a brand! I didn’t  find this particular product at major online shopping sites-except Health Kart-and there too-no description is available-so I would have to proceed with my own experience only :(


 Me Talk:

I find this eyeshadow trio to be a very useful one-in terms of selection of colors, pigmentation and finish. The combo comprises of the typical lid-crease-browbone colors. The pigmentation is average. With primer-the brightness of the colors remains almost the same but staying power  increases  as expected. I find this trio somewhat close to Maybelline Eyeshadow quad in time for wine. The crease color in deep lilac is matte, the pink is pearly in finish and the lightest shade for browbones is also pearly with more sheen than the pink shade. There are some other very good combinations in this trio range-there are four in total. These are the shades:

1) Beechwood 2) Blue moon 3) Berry bliss and a close-to-Pink trio-whose name I am not sure of :(

Blue Moon (Available currently at HealthKart)

The four combos cover a good range of shades-except greens-most of commonly used colors are available . However, the price is much on the higher end for an eyeshadow-while NYX trios come for Rs 520, Maybelline quads-with comparative quality are at Rs 230-the Faces Trio are currently priced at Rs 599.

Without Primer
With Primer


So to sum up:

Pro Side:

1) Good choice of colors to offer -there are a variety of pinks, browns, beige and blues in this line.

2) These trios offer a good variety in textures. None of them have similar texture in all pans-some are matte, some pearly and some shimmery.

3) If you are looking for formal wear/everyday shadows with mild color and soft texture-this range has some good options to offer-since all of the colors are wearable and not garish.

4) Pigmentation is buildable- with primer-the colors pop well. The matte lilac one isn’t that good though

5) Set with primer-the shadows stay for a good 4-5 hours. However, the mild shades should be built up nicely.



1) Considering other options available-this trio is overpriced 

2) No proper description of products available online-not even in online shopping sites

3) This product is also not available widely online-I found it stocked only at one website-that too offering only one combination

4) All the shades are not equally pigmented. Overall pigmentation is average


Recommendations: 70%





  1. The shades look quite pretty....beautiful trio!! no EOTD? :P

  2. Yaa-esp I never had a pink shadow that coud be used for formal/semiformal occasions too!!! This is perfect for such purposes!! And hehe-I did a basic pink-n-lilac eyelook-but on camera-it came so feeka feeka sa :( :( I need to learn how to catch light shades perfectly on cam :) :)

  3. I like the color combination of this trio :)

    will check it out soon :)

  4. I liked the trio beechwood the most, but its so pricy that I didnt purchase it! :( but again these are mineral trios so are costly.Faces had a website , the indian one, but now website doesnt work any more , I dont know why?? I checked so much.

  5. Namita: yepp!! there are also 3 other variants available-do check them out too!!!

  6. Ansh: Yaa-quite different from any other brands currently available-but I think berry bliss is similar to Time for Wine from Maybelline and Beechwood similar to Chai Latte !!

  7. Taps: if you want a similar combination in eyeshadows-I will suggest try chai latte from Maybelline-the shades are ditto same-and quality will be similar if u use a primer-and truly the current Faces website is a disaster!!!!!

  8. the shades in the trio look pretty :) do an EOTD na....

  9. Thankkuu Suma- <3 <3 <3 I will definitely try-actually I need to learn about self close up photography a bit :) :) else the pics are coming all hazy or indistinct :(

  10. nice shades............. beachwood is also nice... :D

  11. Yaa-beechwood is truly a nice combo-but the price is just double that of chai latte quad from Maybelline-which is ditto similar in color selection!!!



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