Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be Talk: Celeb Style: Kangana Ranaut at the Hindustan Times Mumbai’s Most Stylish Awards 2011

Well-Kangana Ranaut has inspired me finally to start a new section in my blog! 

The Celeb Style Files!

Actually her winged eyes did the magic. Being a through and through winged eye lover-I just couldn't stop myself from sharing this avatar of Kangana. Well I loved the way the eyes are making a strong statement-which is not going over the top because of the nude lips. However, the makeup looks slightly cakey along the jawline in the second pic.
I like the well fitted dress too-paired with golden shoes-I so wish se carried a pale golden or golden beige clutch instead of the black one!!

Pic Courtesy:: Google Images

Pic Courtesy:

Pic Courtesy Google Images
Any guess on the brand of her dress or shoes??


  1. I liked her eye liner but her overall get up is looking damn scary!

  2. Wow.. She's been experimenting with her makeup a lot nowadays. Nice winged look.
    Hey anu.. You should have more such posts.. Love them!

  3. Taps: Hahaha-ya-i agree-the look is not at all demure-its kinda in-ur-face and arrogant-but I think this goes with Kangana herself -also I think the loud foundation may be marring the look somewhat :D :D

  4. Nitya: thaaankuuuu soo much!!! I will post loadsa stuff like this-now that u said u liked it!!!! and exactly-I saw her with androgenous (err i think i spelt it r8! :D) makeup-in some occasion couple of days ago!!! that was murderous though :D :D :D

  5. wow..she is lookin glam these days na? i have an award for you!
    the versatile blogger award..check that out in my blog <3


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