Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be Talk: Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face and Body Butter

Brand: Vedic Line
Type: Body Butter
Price: 180 INR
Quantity: 65ml

The online shopping websites are doing a great job in bringing forth some brands-that are somewhat lesser heard of than leading ones, but possesses an exquisite hoard of good quality products. I am an impulsive shopper who loves to pick up products from such brands -especially when I visit online shopping websites. In my latest haul from the Urban Touch website-I bought the Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Body Butter and was left wondering-how could I have missed checking out this brand for so long!!

I was amazed to find a comprehensive website of this brand-which has scores of skin and hair care products. I am just giving here an overview of the large variety of products of this brand.

And if you follow all the hyperlinks in the above-each will lead to 5-7 new related products in each category-So you can well imagine what galore of products this Brand hosts!!!  Of course-all of them might not be available everywhere-still-knowing that an Indian brand has such extensive range of regular use as well as luxury products is great-and whats more-a lot of them are now being available through online shopping sites.

So talking about the Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter , this yummy flavored body cream falls within the Chocolate Spa for Skin & Body Care  range of Vedic Line products. There are  other products in this category such as:

Choco Strawberry Lip Cream
Choco Deli Sugar Scrub
Milk Chocolate Massage Gel
Choco Almond Oil Complex
Choco Butter Scotch Crem Pack
Choco Cherry Mud Pack
The Vedic Line Website describes this product as:

The MRP is quoted as 200 INR-but at UT-it is available at 180 INR

Me Talk:

I am mad about chocolates!! From ice-cream to face-cream-nothing can be better if it smells like chocolate!!I wonder why they don’t make choc flavored toothpastes! Hehe. Ok-so when I decided to order some stuff from Urban Touch website (Read about my haul here)-the choco vanilla body cream instantly grabbed my eyes. Seeing the price to be quite reasonable, I placed the order. After receiving it last Monday, I found this “body butter” from Vedic Line to look just like Peanut Butter-in color and consistency :D :D The flavor is vanilla than chocolate-but it very pleasant on the whole. What I like about this cream is that it has a light texture that instantly gets absorbed on skin. There is no sticky-ness or oily residue-and whats more-it keeps hands (I have so far used it on hands only) really soft. Especially-it is good at preventing winter dryness. My mom had suddenly developed dry areas around her lips. Although she never approves of my brand hopping-she liked the smell of this cream and used it to find that the dry areas have shown much improvement within a day! However-considering the moderately thick consistency of this cream-I think for very dry skin-the moisturization provided may not be sufficient. But for normal and oily skin types-which need sufficient softening in the dry winter months-this cream is a winner. The quantity is a mild con-the meager 65ml would get over in 2 weeks if used everyday. I wish it was at least 100ml for its price. However-I will rate this as a good product –especially for winters. 

So to sum up!

Pro Side:

1) Light weight cream-that instantly gets absorbed in the skin leaving no sticky or oily feeling behind
2) Great mild fragrance that stays for a long time
3) Moisturizes dry areas very well. The effect lasts quite long.
4)Small tub (well that’s actually a con that I mentioned) facilitates carrying it around in bag


Quantity is less for the price-with generous everyday use-the tub may last for two weeks.

I really want to try the other products of Vedic Line-I mean the choco range looks yummylicious to me!!! I just need to locate a store or find them on any online shopping website!!!

Recommendations 90%


  1. Looks gr8, but pricey for the amount. :|
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. yaa-Fab India stuff come at this price with 100ml quantities-but still-I like its softening effect :) :) :)

  3. looks tempting :P i have seen vedic line products used in some salons...thnx for reviewing. but for the super dry skin i hv, will gv this a pass :)

  4. @Sukanya: yaa-exactly-I have seen salon people using cleansers and massage creams-but personally I have never tried this before-lemme see-I want to buy more stuff from them in future!! :)

  5. Rids: totally-but the smell is a nice and mild one :)

  6. woww this looks really good! I will try some other products from this range for sure!


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