Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Be Talk: Blog Award 1

Wow wow wow-I am one month into blogging and my wonderful fellow bloggers around have showered on me their love and encouragement by giving me awards in two cuuute categories. I cannot express how special it feels for a blogger-or anyone doing their dream job-when their work gets appreciated! And when you get awards for your work! -it only asks to move forward with all the more zeal and pack in your best! 

Okay: So first of all 

I got the Liebstar Blog Award!!!!

This award is an inspiration for  those blogs who have followers less than 200

The rules to be followed by the blogger who gets this Award are :

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award
2. Pick 5 blogs who deserves the award  
3. Spread the words about liebster award.

This was awarded to me by :

Tapaswini of realbeautywithtaps

OK So the 5 super cute blogs that I want to confer this award to are :

1) My Makeup Thoughts by Shweta
2) A few Unnecessary Stuff  by Sukanya
3) Novice Makeup by Ankita
4) Make U Up by Anindita
5) Vivacious Flair by Namita


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!! 2 awards,,:) :) :) <3 <3 <3

    loved knowing things about you,,,,,martini cocktail,,,hehehhehe
    even I am starting my phd ,,same pinch ;) :)

    congratulations hun :) you deserve it,,

  2. Hehe-I really like the beautiful pics on your blog-and your detailed reviews!!! I think a cute blogger like you deserved these awards :) :) :) and yaa-same pinch :) :)

  3. Thanks a lot sweety 4 the awrd and congrats to you too! :) wish you all the very best!


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