Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Talk: Online Shopping Experience from

I came across this newly launched website named “Style Craze” -and was very excited to see the wide range of makeup, skin care and health care products being offered here. I was especially happy to find out that this online shopping website has some brands like Max Factor and Bourjois-that I don’t usually come across elsewhere. So I decided to place my first order with Style -however-with my beauty chambers overflowing with makeup products-I decided to buy some skin and hair care stuff this time.

 The site says:
 Me Talk: 

As said before-the products from a large number of well known brands at Style Craze really impressed me. There are also good discounts available with each. I especially noticed them for NYX products where there are discounts of as much as 200 bucks on some . The website also hosts electronic accessories from Phillips, Panasonic and Inalsa. Its great to find all of these at a glance from the same website organized comprehensively.  

I decided to make a skin and hair care haul this time-so looked for my commonly used brands-Lotus and Biotique. I found these brands along with a great variety of products among them available at Style Craze. As usual-with my eternal quest for trying new products I chose to order the following three stuff:

1) Lotus Herbals Daily Body Lotion - Vanilla Velvet

2) Biotique Saffron youth Dew Nourishing Cream

3) Biotique Soya Protein Conditioning Shampoo

This time I opted for a cash on delivery service. The order process went smoothly and I received a confirmation mail just after placing the order on 29th November, 2011. On 1st December, I received a mail from Style Craze, stating that the order has been dispatched.

A tracking number was provided using which I checked the transit status of my order on Saturday, 3rd December. There was a little problem-which I found out that day. The web-tracking on Aramex courier services said that the package is going to be returned to the sender! I was very worried because I had been home on the days since 1st December and couldn’t have missed any postal delivery to home. However, on Sunday morning I received a call from Style Craze stating that my shipment has been returned to them-but they are resending it to me using another courier service. I received my package today, Thusday, 8th December. I am really happy to see that the customer service is so good at Stylecraze and they so kindly re-sent my package without charging me or going into any issues about the failed delivery. I blame it on the courier-but the nice behavior of the Stylecraze people has made me forget that little event. 

Another thing-that I usually fuss about while shopping-is the date of manufacturing of the products. I was happy to see that each product had their MFDs within the last 6 months and all came with proper seals and cartons. I really appreciate this quality of Stylecraze- which has now induced me to order more products from them in future.
 OHH!! Yet another thing!!! Along with my purchases, I got a cute surprise gift of a small Jovees anti pigmentation cream!!! Isn’t that great!!!!! Thank you Style Craze!!!

So to Sum up:

 Pro Side:

1) Very nice customer service-I had polite discussions and quick sorting out of issues.
2) Fresh stock of products-all products have manufacturing dates within the last 6 months
3) Attractive discounts
4) Except for the courier issue-the delivery is prompt, because after resending-the shipment truly reached me in 3 days
5) Wide range of products-especially you can get NYX, Max Factor and Bourjois here. More are being added. Check out NYX products from here-you will find some awesome discounts!!
6) I got a free gift-that too by total surprise!! Woohoo!!!

Down-Side: Nothing

Recommendations : 90%


  1. great!!! will check this one out =) btw did the courier people call you before delivering?? UT shipments through Blue dart usually call up.i think thats convenient na :)

    and how did you get these smileys????? (the yellow small ones)

  2. Hi Anuradha, Thanks for the wonderful review. It really motivates us to work harder.

  3. nice to see your post! detailed and nicely mentioned! do shop for bourjois stuff from there too! i am eyeing their healthy mix foundation and mineral matte foundation. :)

  4. Sorry gals about the ate reply!! Answering one by one:
    Kuheli:Thank you sweet heart- :) :)

  5. Sukanya: I havent shopped from UT yet-but I am happy the way this issue was sorted out by Style craze :) :)

  6. Chetana: I am really happy shopping from SC you know-I think thats what is reflected in my writing :) :) especially the most updated stock and proper sealing of the products I receive in online shopping are very important to me-I am happy on all these respects in my shopping from SC!!!! :) :)

  7. Taps: Yess!! I am also eying NYX and Max Factor!!!

  8. nice review :) n the website is nice too :)

  9. Thankuu Namita!!! and do check out this website-very well stocked and organised-with prompt delivery :)

  10. That's a haul!! Now, be a good girl and review the items for us womankind's sake :P

  11. hahaha- :)) :)) I will-just give me the time to unpack :)

  12. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

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