Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Talk: Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick First Lady

Brand  Name: Faces (Canada)
Line: Moisture Rich
Shade: First Lady (04)
Price:INR 330

I consider the brand Faces to be a breath of fresh air in the Indian cosmetics market. It has brought so many wonderful products at such reasonable prices-that it is giving hard competition to all the well known brands as well as providing us-the beauty addicts-with scores of quality products at most attractive prices. I love their lipsticks-and the one I bought from my recent haul from Urban Touch is the Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick in the shade “First Lady”.

What the Urban Touch website says about these line of Lipsticks

Quick Overview

Creamy lipstick in rich pigmented color


Faces Moisture Rich lipstick provides rich, opaque color to lips and keeps them soft at the same time. The formula is infused with Vitamin E to protect and moisturize the lips with every application.

Me Talk:

I got enthusiastic recommendations of this lipstick from my buddy blogger Tapaswini - who said I must check this lipstick out sometime and that I will love it surely. I am always skeptical about buying color cosmetics from online stores as there are no reference of shades. However- thanks to Taps-I am thoroughly loving my latest online purchase from Urban Touch website-who flawlessly packed and sent me this lipstick with some discount as well.

The First Lady Shade of the Faces Moisture Rich lipstick is a poppy-pink lipcolor- err-a better description would be barbie pink :D Such a color goes with a wide range of outfits-having dark or pastel colors. It has very fine golden shimmers in the otherwise creamy lipstick. This, overall gives the lipstick a glamorous sheen-along with awesome pigmentation and opaque texture. 

With Flash

Without Flash
The fine shimmer

 This is my so called-One Swipe Lippy. I haven’t come across many lipsticks that are as pigmented as this one. But one thing-the lips must be well moisturized before applying-else what I found-is that on dry and parched lips-this lipstick feels somewhat sticky and settles on lines. 

But when I used it after giving my lips a hefty dose of a Body Shop lip balm-this lipstick felt light on lips without any cakey feel. Owing to its sheen-it gives a beautiful pout and looks good even without a liner! 

  And I guess procuring this lippys is not a problem anymore-with reliable online shopping websites delivering them at the drop of hats to every corners of the country.

So to sum up:

Pro Side:

1) Lovely Barbie pink shade-which will suit all complexions-and wide range of outfit colors
2) Gives an opaque finish in 1 or 2 swipes. The fine shimmer imparts the sheen to the overall look
3) Stays easily for 4-5 hours and beyond meals due to its thick texture
4) Price is very reasonable for the quality and quantity
5) Doesn’t dry lips –but as I said-it will fare best on moisturized lips 


1) Like all creamy lippys-this transfers to cups and err other places… /wahaha
1) Availability at stores is a con-this brand is found rather selectively. Also for online buyers mainly- it is difficult to buy without seeing the shades in swatches. So I don’t know when I will be ordering the next lippy of this line-not at least before seeing swatches. Or I would have to visit Faces outlets-which is off course not available locally.
2) The Faces brand haven’t yet launched a comprehensive and updated website.

My first itsy-bitsy EOTD caught on camera :)
  Recommendations: 90%


  1. wow ... i love faces too and this looks seriously pretty :)
    they have come with new range of lipstick which also has amazing shades..saw them on healthkart :)

  2. Hii Anamika-Good Morninggg!!!!! and yaa-this is one of the prettiest pinks I have seen-its a warm shade and the superb pigmentation makes it a must have!!! And hey-r u talkin bout the go chic ones?? I will try them next :) :)

  3. oh such a nice shade !!! its perfect for office wear ..

  4. You look so pretty wearing this! awesome! you have taken great clear pics!

  5. The shade is gorgeous and so is the packaging! I like it how the shade peeps through at the bottom, very nyx-ish.

  6. Rids: Yaa-this is very versatile shade-one can simply pair it with liner and kohl to get a vibrant everyday look!!! I am using it almost everyday now :)

  7. Taps: all credit for buying this wonderful lippy goes to u gal! and ya-product pics are clear-but mines are bekar :( Its time I learn to use my cam wisely :(

  8. Tanvee-Thaaankss yaar- you reminded me of a point I forgot to mention in my post-the packaging is great and sturdy and looks very classy indeed-and identifying it among a whole bunch of lippys is really easy due to the transparent base!!!

  9. I got this too :) Anu..we have so many common stuff..but as I love more MLBB shades..I find it a little bright..but quite a different shade for sure :)

  10. You always look so lovely Anu. Hi5!! But then, I don't think I have met anybody who did not like this brand :) The products are worth every penny!!

  11. WOW Love the shades! They look so sexy on you.


  12. Kuheli: True !!! Grab this one sometime!!! :)

  13. Bhumika: Hi5 gal!! Me too crazy about MLBB stuff-coz most of the time I do a simple 5 min dark eye makeup-so MLBB shades are my mostly picked shades :) And ya-I find this lippy totally "hatke" :)

  14. Niv: Awww -thankuuu and Mwazzz :) :) and I am goinna review another awesome Faces product in the coming 2 days :)

  15. Megha: welcome to my blog sweetie-and I just visited your gorgeous blog!!! You look awesome!!! \m/

  16. Hi, Nice color, looks good on you.
    I am ur new follower :)

  17. Aww thanku Indgal for visiting my blog and being my follower-you too have a new follower of your cute blog now!!!


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