Sunday, December 11, 2011

Be Talk: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Wineberry

Brand: AVON
Line: Ultra Color Rich
Shade: Wineberry 
Price: Got on offer-2 for 319. Usual Price Rs. 269

This months offer
 AVON lipsticks –especially the Ultra Color Rich range, packs good quality, beautiful and pigmented colors with very competitive pricing. Also the best attraction about AVON products are the occasional offers that accompany- and simply makes the products irresistible to the makeup maniacs like us. So when I found out about the 2 Ultra Color Rich lipsticks for Rs 319 offer-I rang up my AVON lady and placed the order for 4 lipsticks!!!

What the AVON website says:

 Me Talk:

This is the first time I am buying the AVON ultra color rich lipsticks-although I have read great reviews on this line. Everyone who have used -rates this as a best quality lipstick having full pigmentation and moisturizing quality of a lipbalm. Only difficult thing is choosing the shade from the catalog-which shows shades that are as different as chalk and cheese from the actual ones. However-I ransacked the internet to find out swatches about Wineberry -and found it out to be a pretty rosy pink shade and decided to order it. Wineberry turned out to be better that I expected!! It is a rosy pink-but with some florescent fuchsia undertone that instantly brightens the visage. 

What I was smitten by was the full pigmentation and creamy finish-that gives the lips a full look. It reduced the sight of fine lines on lips-giving full coverage to pigmented lips. And the lips feel so smooth and moisturized-that wearing a lipbalm is not necessary beneath it. The color suits my warm-wheatish skin tone to the T!! And staying power!!!whopping 5-6 hours WITH meals in between!!!! The color fades into a lip-stain like appearance- that is no less appealing :)

Okay-to sum up!


1) Very moisturizing
2) Deep pigmentation-gives an opaque finish in 1-2 swipes. Good for pigmented lips.
3)Stays long enough for a moisturizing cream finish lippy. About 5-6 hours WITH meal. Fades evenly
4) Price is reasonable-at offers like this-I got this beautiful lipstick at less than 160 bucks!!
5) Wide range of colors available

Down Side:
1)Avon catalog is so misleading-without seeing reviews-its impossible to decide which one to buy
2)Available through representatives-I got my delivery after 3 months of ordering :(


Me wearing AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Wine Berry
Recommendations: 100% (in colors of your choice)


  1. OMG what a pretty shade! You are making me splurge more and more! Awesome shade and totally suits you! last pic e toke besh bhalo dekhte lagche!

  2. Hehe-thankkuuu and yaa-this range indeed is most lucrative-in terms of quality and pricing :) :) get yours for sure!!!!

  3. this looks nice yaar. i got twig & rosewine this mnth on offer ;)

  4. woww-I also got Twig!!! Taps I think is getting exactly this combo this time :D

  5. The shades look mind-blowing on you anuradha!!! Wonferful!
    I have one of these. but, the lipsticks are sp creamy that the bullet tends to break in summer. Mine did :(

  6. Aww-thankuuuu Niv !!!!But Ohh no!! Is it?-thats one problem with creamy lippyz-however one thing is nice-that inspite of being a creamy lippy-its staying power is really good-and also doesnt transfer much to cups :)

  7. nice shade.................. i have also ordered one Rose Wine....

  8. omg-You too ordered Rosewine!!!!! I must see what it is like that everyonez orderin it!!

  9. The color looks so nice. Haven't used any Avon products till date :(. Yet to find a Avon rep

  10. Ohh!! You must try this line of lippys and the AVON supershock mascara-also the simply pretty nail polish and lippys are good-and comes at great offers!!! but u must find an AVON lady first :D

  11. WOW! this looks beautiful on you! and i totally love the way you apply your kajal/liner... sooooo pretty.. very cleopatra types ;)

  12. Awww-Suma-thaaaankkkuuu-I am so in love with this wonderful shade of lippy-and the eyeliner is a "one hasty dash" of the Revlon eye crayon in black-I just worship the pair of Revlon black and brown eye crayons you know!!! :D :D

  13. awesoe shade anu...and the fact that u dont ned a balm underneath is a huge plus point :)

  14. Heyy Zara-welcome to my bloggie-and ya-infact-the day I used it-I had super dry lips and didnt have the time to put a lipbalm (I actually couldnt locate it in my drawer :D ) but whole day-this lippy kept my lips soft :) :) :)

  15. Hey beautiful ladies, I am an Avon lady who will be more than willing to extend my help and services to anyone who is on the look out for any suggesstions...Pls visit my page


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