Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Be Talk: Oriflame Haul

The aunty at the salon where I visit bi-weekly or AAWN (as and when needed :D) has recently discovered her fascination for Oriflame products. No-its true!!! She off course is a representative -but then the first thing she bought was some beauty capsules worth 1990 INR for herself!!! Anyway-no harms-but then one day-as I knew would surely come-she popped out three most holy grail products (according to her) that I must use-for causes as assorted the products were! So after about a year- I made an Oriflame Haul-with the following stuff-

1) Oriflame Eye Makeup Remover:1 
Price: INR 225

2) Deeply nourishing hot oil for very dry hair (Aunty said she will use them in my next hair spa session !+!) : 2 tubes ; Price INR 49/tube

3) Oriflame Daily Hand Cream: 1; Price INR 243

I have so far used only the makeup remover-will post reviews soon!


  1. nice haul anu... there is a surprise for u in my blog.. please check

  2. Nice haul dear! do review the hair oil!

  3. Ani: thanks sweetiee and thankuuu for the Award-Btw-I too have a surprise for you in my blog :)

  4. Kimi: yaa-I just hope they turn out to be well !!!

  5. Wowww-thanks yaar-at least this purchase is having 2 good products so far-the other being the eye makeup remover! :)

  6. I would like to raise my hand like the image on the handcare cream tube. having done that I request for the review of the eye-makeup as soon as possible. PHEW!!! Onek kotha bollam kayda kore :P

  7. Waiting for the reviews!1
    Following you as Divassence! :)

    Btw Not able to find you on my blog's GFC list

  8. @Niv: ehehehe-ami prothom ta pore vablam-ki bolche re beta kichu bujhlam na-but sure-I will review that this week :)

  9. @Deepika: Sorryy Sorry Sorry-something went wrong with the connection-now I m there :) :) :)


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