Saturday, November 30, 2013

Be Talk: Maybelline 14 hr Lipstick in Always Plum- A Nice-for-Office Shade!

Maybelline 14 hr Lipstick in Always Plum

Price: 525 INR/ 10.85 Eur

The Maybelline 14 Hour lipsticks are a pack of surprises. With colors that many other brands hardly offer, Maybelline does the job of successfully packing ample quality as well. When I visit drugstores here, I never fail to check out the Maybelline deck at least once-and find out what new it has got to offer. 

Makeup counters at a typical drugstore in Germany

The Always Plum Lippy description from Maybelline website

Description: I found the shade to be a nice magenta-plum, although it looks kinda vampy-violet from outside the packaging. It turns out to be the perfect matte plum that you sport on your pout in office safely. The staying power of this range is probably one of the best I have used. But like some other lippies of this range which I have found to be not so friendly with dry lips, this lipstick is pretty soft and doesn’t tug at lip lines. But anyway, it is a basic tip to always moisturize lips before wearing any lippy especially matte ones.

Pros. Beautiful shade, very apt for formal wear. Soft texture that doesn’t fell dry on lips. Affordable Price.
Cons: Haven’t found one yet!

  My tired FOTD after a working day :D

Rating: 4/5