Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Talk: Just Herbs Petal Soft Anti Tan Rose Face Pack

Product: Just Herbs Petal Soft Anti Tan Rose Face  Pack

Price: 274 INR

Quantity: 150 gm

Availability: Urbantouch, Jabong,com,, Tatsat store (New Delhi) , Naturalmantra, Vanity Box (Chandigarh), The Beauty Bar ( Mumbai)

At this moment-I have only one feeling-I am HAPPYYYY!!! I am looking at my blog after 3 months flat and writing  a post on it!!! Well-if coming to a new land, meeting new people and getting introduced to my research work in Germany wasn’t  enough-I had to leave for still another new land, meeting  more new people and getting introduced to still more work in Italy just a month later-that added cherry on the cake to eat up my free time completely!!! Although I loved each moment of it-and still doing so-I always felt the pang of guilt of neglecting my most beloved blog. My blogger- besties always told me off for discontinuing writing-and may be due to their good wishes-I am back with my blog! 

I shall come back to Italy just this see this one of  7 wonders again and again!!!!
Although now I feel like talking about the sea of new beauty products I have seen in all these months-some of which I bought and felt like reviewing-I will talk here about a Just Herbs face pack that I brought from my homeland-and which has remained with me in Germany-and now in Italy too!!! Yes-I love it that much!

I bought the Just Herbs Petal Soft Rose face pack-seeing that it is a fully natural product for removing tan and that it contains liquorice and ginseng-which are the most used ingredients for skin brightening, I ordered it from the  Urban Touch website and also peeped into the Just Herbs Website-which presents their product range- product descriptions and their philosophy in a very comprehensive manner. Here it is below.

 Their Range of Products:

Description of the Just Herbs Rose Anti-tan Face Pack -as mentioned in their Website:

Me Talk:

From the very first use-I have been in love with this face pack. The reasons are pretty straight-forward. First of all-it does its job pretty well. While in India-the Kolkata summer had started to take its toll from February itself-and after a day out-I always found this face pack to relieve the shadows cast by the Sun! It renders my skin softer , brighter also removes the excess oilyness in my T Zone-which often is responsible for making the skin-tone appear darker than usual. 

Apart from its characteristic qualities-it is quick drying and doesn’t sting. This little quantity above is enough to work well on the face alone. For my combination skin-this is a perfect concoction. However-I think for dry skin types-this might be a bit drying. However-as always-that can be solved with a small dab of moisturizer.  Overall-I must say-I shall miss this pack dearly once it gets over. Maybe I will ask my bestie Kuheli of Shadows and Sequins to send me another bottle :D :D

Pro Side:

1) Rejuvenates the skin after a day out in hard sun. Skin appears to be bright, soft and more uniformly toned after applying this.

2) Quick drying

3) Doesn't sting skin. So belles with sensitive skin might be happy!

4) Price is reasonable for the quantity offered.

5) Fully natural and I have found no side effects of this-save the good ones :)

Down Side: 

1) Tub packaging-so need to wash fingers before and after using it

Nothing more- I am in fact afraid that it would get over soon :(

Rating: 100%


  1. hey..great to see you back....great post Anuradha XX

  2. Thankuu so much sweety <3 <3 <3 this break gave me the tempo to start writing again!!!!

  3. i am tempted by all the just herbs face packs...definitely gonna get it :)

    1. For sure!!! I am so missing buying these :( I will have to ask my family or friends to send me some I guess :D

  4. welcome back!!!!!!!!!! :* :* :* nice review..i want to try something from this brand, they look so tempting..and fikar not, i will send you a whole basket of skincare products to germany.. :* :)

    1. thanks babe-its all because of your constant persuasion!!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. u r back :D nice to see u and a great review as always..:)

    P.S. When I opened ur blog link, it asked for some username and password :O

    1. thankuuuu so much dear-and yaa-I think I need to uninstall some of the blog gadgets to stop it from appearing-:D will do it asap! :)

  6. hey anuradha! lovely post!
    look into my new blog!

  7. thanks and will check ur blog for sure- :) I have been away from blogging all these times :)

  8. I have used the Sandalwood one and loved it too..nice review :)

    1. Thanks so much Bhumika-its the inspiration from my blogger friends that has brought me back to my love <3

  9. Great review Anuradha !!!I really like it .May i know do you write blog for others. If u ,
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  10. Yeah, Cosmetics today is a big buck industry and many people are earning a hell lot from this industry. But in today’s hard-edged competitive world, looking good is as essential as your talent or qualifications. I think this is all the more a reason why people today keep themselves groomed and good looking. It is due to this that there is a spurt of gymnasiums, grooming parlors across every nook and corner of our neighborhood. And this is just the beginning.

    Divya Bhaskar

  11. Wowwww am so happy to see you blog again ! :) I am looking forward to reviews of products available there too! Do post your hauls for sure! I think just herbs products are mostly formulated for oily skin people.I got 3 products, and those 3 were dud for me, so pricy and didnt do anything for me! :(


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