Friday, January 18, 2013

Be Talk: MAC Retro Lipstick Review and swatch

Product Name: M.A.C

Product Line: Satin

Shade: Retro/ AB1

Price: 19 Euro/ Rs 990

Quantity: 3gm

Beauty can come in the form of a woman, a flower , a feeling or… a perfect lipstick :D A perfect lipstick is the one that you had always pictured yourself wearing in your dreams-while you went on all your imaginary ventures. Okay-that’s an overdose of drama for a post that reviews a lipstick-I just chose to do it because I am about to talk about my first MAC lipstick!!!

My PhD life in Germany has kindled a passion  for visiting places-and I covered about 5 German cities-Bremen, Hannover, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin within six months of being here. Apart from museums, medieval churches and monuments, one thing  I search for in these cities are-off course its shopping destinations. So far-I have found Hamburg to have the posh-est brand collection while Cologne, Hannover and Bremen have stores with stuff for everyone-from budget to “moderately” high end brands.



Couldn’t explore Berlin much- as my friends who accompanied me strictly warned me against wandering off to anywhere that smelled of shopping  :D :D :D

 In Berlin: Thats me (left) and a friend of mine from Spain :)

Germany has its own version of Sephora-its named Douglas. Every city, including the one I live in-Goettingen-has a Douglas outlet. Sadly I found MAC in every Douglas except for the one in Goettingen-which I recently found is housing Benefit! I hope MAC arrives soon-however- I don’t know whether having a MAC store in my own city would be a boon or bane :D

I bought my first two MAC lipsticks Retro and Brick-o-La from Hannover. The brick-o-la review would come up soon :)
What the MAC website says about this lipstick:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous

My first MAC  <3 <3 <3
 Me Talk: My take on MAC Retro

Retro is a mild brick shade with pink undertones which I find to be absolutely flattering on my warm wheatish skin tone. I would best define it as a soft red that wont halt traffic because of its ferocity but because of the pout-appeal that your lips would ooze with it on. (Oh No! Drama again) You can wear it to work-as well as pair it up with an LBD or a saree for the evening. 

One Swipe

You can feel its silky texture as it glides on your lips like butter. The outcome is satin-matte and I find it neither drying nor moisturizing. So I would advise ladies to pamper your lips with a good lip balm before using it. Also donot forget to use a lipliner.  

And yes-the justice it does to your lips  and looks makes it  worth spending 19 Euros over!

Thats me wearing Retro-with lipbalm on the shade

Pro Side:

1) The best thing about this shade is that it is amazingly wearable. It neither looks garish nor tamed. A perfect neutral red for everyday wear. For those who  balk away from wearing reds-fearing it might look over the top-I would say-start your Road to Red with this one! I did that actually :D

2) The finish is true satin that renders a full look to the lips. With properly defined lips-the pout comes out to be perfect!
3) Soft and smooth texture-doesn’t cake or accentuate fine lines on lips.

4) Doesn’t dry lips-but I think it won't look good on dry and chapped lips as well.

5) Well pigmented. Two swipes are enough for full coverage

6) Doesn’t stain lips 


1) Expensive-yeah well but this is like fire to a moth-if you want it-you have to burn that hole in your purse.

2) Staying power is not very good. Without meals-it is 2 to 3 hours, with meals-it goes with the dishes (haha  :D)

My Recommendations : Go and Get it!  100%


  1. i always lov ur pics..retro is a must have

    1. thanks a lot dear-I would say Retro is one perfect shade for Indian skin tones-go for it!!!

  2. this suits you so well. ekdum everyday shade :)
    I'll try this out!

    1. Bee-get this one yaar-this is one amazing shade-I was always skeptical about my MAC purchase-coz I thought I might end up buying a wrong shade and then regret-but this just got me hooked in to MAC lipsticks!!!!

  3. Yayeeeeee you writing again, i loved the pics and I always love to read your reviews, they are so khatta mitha kind :p This time when i went to mac, i was going to buy retro but at the last moment, i bought another shade, I wanted brick o lala but it was out of stock.

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    2. Babe-you rejuvenate the blogger in me-thanks a ton sweety!!! I saw your MAC purchase and went green with envy-Do post reviews soon <3 <3 <3 Waiting for them :)

  4. Hi there. how are you? missed your posts. Hope all is well in Berlin. nice to see you are having a lovely time there :) Do more posts whenever time permits :) take care.

    1. Hii Dear-I am fine-but the new life and PhD work kept me away from blogging all this time-I have sworn to post regularly hence forth <3 <3 <3

  5. Retro looks nice on you..I'm kinda scared of trying red lipsticks, but I think after reading your review, I'm going to give this one a shot! :)

    1. heyy Aratrika-thanks a lot for dropping by my blog..I would say every girl would love to have this shade in their kitty-just get one of this for yourself <3

  6. hi...long time...loved your pics & nice shade!! I got my first MAC recently too :)


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