Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be Talk : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

What it is:  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 

Quantity: 10ml

Price: 7 Euro

Acne are a girls best friend..saying that would be a cruel joke.aint it? Well, it never leaves you.. comes back again and again..surprises you at the most unexpected times and makes you go crazy!!! Haha :D
We dont like this best friend of ours. As for me, all the sin I do is to use two drops of foundation every day..and in return every week I am rewarded with a new pop up! And it worsens on the weeks I have a meeting with my PhD guides or a presentation. :D :D

I got sort of lucky when i found the body shop tea tree oil. It now accompanies me all year and my makeup kit whenever I am going on trips-where I cannot carry my kitchen of beauty items along with.

This is what the Body Shop website says about its tea tree oil:

Me Talk:

As I said-while it will be an exaggeration if I say this little bottle has changed my life-I guess I wont go far if I say it is a "genie in a bottle" for me. Trust me it works wonders! No it doesn't vanish pimples/acne/blemishes over night. It starts by reducing the inflammation, then the little mound reduces in size and then within a week of use (every night-a dab on the affected area with a cotton bud), you would see the area to appear as if nothing happened! If you are prone to picking on acne for vengeance- the dark spots would take a while to disappear-I guess that's the time your skin takes to replace the cells- you probably cannot hurry up that department :D I use it at nights before going to sleep and wake up to find that this oil has worked wonders in soothing the acne prone area. And its small size allows you to-like me-carry it with you on trips so that your skincare is not discontinued. 

Pro Side:  

1) Light weight oil formula-good for spot applications

2) Reduces and then cures acne and pimples

3) Travel friendly pack

Down Side

1) Will give a burning sensation when applied-which dies after some time

2) Goes out of stock in 2 weeks after they appear in store! 

Recommendations: 100%


  1. sounds good, will surely pick it up soon ..

    1. ah yes-I would fully recommend getting this one :) a total worth buy!

  2. I need this. I NEED this . NOWWWW ! 2 to eiyyaaa bor boro pinple hoyeche and ami pran bhore segulo ke khutechi :/ :X

    1. doure giye kine fel :D :D the stocks just dont last :(

  3. i tried it long back ..but it didn't work on my skin that much on acne ..its great that it worked for u because its pure tea tree oil :)

  4. Seems like a miracle product. Is it safe to use it on its own?

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  7. So great product must try it!
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  8. I have tried this, it is great! :)


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