Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Talk: Celeb Style File: Sonam Kapoor at the Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female, Male Awards 2012

The Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female, Male Award-well the name itself evokes a feel of Bohemia and wilderness. Sonam Kapoor with her as usual "fashion alert" type of stylization bagged the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Best Dressed Award for 2012. Heres presenting her couture and makeup files for that occasion.

This is a dress by D&G, that looked quite unconventional on the red carpet with its deep pink tone and floral motifs. The dress-albeit being pretty lacks definition-especially around the waist- making her figure look odd and disproportionate.

As for the makeup- I guess this time she tried her hand at androgynous makeup. In my opinion-this combo didn't work well. With the romantic look of the dress-a very girlie and delicate look would have made a best pair. The thick and unkempt eyebrows dont look much appealing. I detect a pink blush and berry pink matte lipstick on her. There is a pale gold shadow on the inner corner of her eyes-which are then lined and paired with falsies and mascara. What I loved most are the diamond danglers and her side styled luscious hair!!!!

Androgynous Makeup according to MAC files

Photo Courtesy: Google Images


  1. Even I didn't like the fit of her dress.. She has done better in past.. : )

  2. I didn't like the dress at all!! :P Though i love D&G dresses but this one does not suit her well! Though she is my most favorite!! <3 Nice post!


  3. anu i love the color, the work but the cut is very bad...
    btwn congos on wining bulbul's giveaway

  4. Ei, out of the blue bolchhi, tag o maniate tag korechhi. Kore dekh, mojari. Khatni ektu :P Amar bloge check back kor

  5. i gave you a tag .... check my blog..

  6. I don't like the's too harsh on her. Add that dress...oof! She is so gorgeous but that dress just takes that away.

  7. I am nobody but I don't like her dress sense :P


  8. your blog is amazing!
    much inspiration
    really like it dear!
    keep posting



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