Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Talk: Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

Brand : Ponds
Type: Face Wash Foam
Price:  125 INR
Quantity: 100g

Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam is a product that I have tried and loved thoroughly. It is a reasonably priced face wash that effectively removes dirt and grime and I have also found it to control breakouts on my skin.

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A word about activated carbon (Courtesy-Wikipedia) :

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, activated coal or carbo activatus, is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous and thus to have a very large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. useful applications may come solely from the high surface area, though further chemical treatment often enhances the adsorbing properties of the material. Activated carbon is usually derived from charcoal. Activated carbon is commonly used to purify solutions containing un-wanted colored impurities such as during a recrystallization procedure in Organic Chemistry.

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Me Talk:

The facewash comes in an opaque ash colored creamy texture. It foams well and is also easy to wash off. The fragrance is mild and pleasant.

 This is one facewash that truly helps to keep the oily-ness on my face at bay! I have used many oil control and pimple control face washes till now-however most of them have kept my skin oil free for hardly an hour which then regained its oily nature. This facewash truly deep cleanses the skin-making it squeaky clean. I found that after cleansing off my makeup-if I wash my face with this one-the appearance of pimples is curbed to a large extent. On regular use of this facewash-rate of pimple and acne occurrence reduces and then stops. This experience comes straight from a person who has a most breakout prone skin. However, I must admit that this facewash dries the facial skin. But I follow it up with Aloevera Gel from Patanjali-and then it feels fine. Overall-this can be a HG facewash for people with oily and pimple prone skin.

Pro side:

1) Deep cleanses skin-removes grime in one wash.
2) Removes all trace of oilyness. Oil free feeling stays for long.
3) Prevents appearance of pimples and acne- due to the deep cleansing effect
4) Reasonable quantity for the price paid

Down Side:

Dries the skin-so people with dry skin may avoid this. For oily skinned people-don’t follow this up with a oil based moisturizer-use Aloe gel instead for most effective results against acne.

Recommedations: 90% for oily skinned people


  1. Replies
    1. thankuu Varshini-me really like this facewash :)

  2. Packing also looks attractive with the black body :)

    1. yepp-it looks very classy in the bathroom closet indeed-thats an added feature along with its effectiveness :)

  3. seems to be good. guess i'll buy this next.

    1. If you have oily and acne prone skin-DO try this out!!! :)

    2. yea. Pretty much do, oily n pimply.:P

  4. I have also used it, Liked it a lot during summer and for removing makeup!

    1. Exactly-after removing makeup-if I wash my face with this-my face doesnt develop pimples the next day :)

  5. I have used this but it dries my skin :( but, guess, it is a good choice for summers though I have my eyes on dark angels or coal face of Lush.

  6. Oh yes-I have heard good reviews about the later-because of its deep cleansing effects-I may try the coal face wash if I hit a lush store :)

  7. Yeah, Cosmetics today is a big buck industry and many people are earning a hell lot from this industry. But in today’s hard-edged competitive world, looking good is as essential as your talent or qualifications. I think this is all the more a reason why people today keep themselves groomed and good looking. It is due to this that there is a spurt of gymnasiums, grooming parlors across every nook and corner of our neighborhood. And this is just the beginning.

    Divya Bhaskar


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