Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be-Talk: The Body shop Strawberry Bath and Shower Gel

Brand Name: The Body Shop

Type: Shower Gel

Price: 325 INR

Quantity: 250 ml

Doesn’t it sometime happen-that you buy one thing for some purpose-but then end up falling in love with an entirely different feature of that product?? Like-when we were kids-we used to buy pens and suddenly discovered that the ink smells so nice!!! A similar thing happened when I came across the The Body shop Strawberry Bath and Shower Gel last month. I was looking for a mild body wash-and among a handful of others (the TBS outlets are pretty confusing I must say-decked up as they are with products-each of which I feel like buying!) I picked up this pretty crimson colored gel. But then-after my very first use-I got bowled over by its super awesome smell!!! It smells just like fresh strawberry syrup-pleasantly enchanting-lingering and pervading through senses! It got me smitten since my first use-and I just couldn't resist buying it for the 2nd time :)

Picture from the TBS website

The product label says that: Sumptuous soap-free cleansing with strawberry extract and community trade soya oil. However no detailed ingredient list is provided.

 Me Talk: 

Well I said all about it-I just love love love this body wash. It is just what I wanted-mildly cleansing-something that doesn’t make the skin dry-and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance! The gel is of average thickness-only the amount shown in the picture below is required for full arms and neck area. It leaves the skin thoroughly soft and in summertime-I felt I needed no separate moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated after using this! The 200ml bottle lasted me about 2 months with everyday use. And considering the brand is TBS-the price is Oh! So reasonable!!!!!!


1) Awesome fragrance-you would actually want to put it on some dessert  :D

2) Mild cleanser that doesn’t dry the skin-rather keeps it soft and supple

3) Its soap free but lathers well enough to give the “cleansed” feel

3) For the price –the quantity is quite reasonable-with the quality being so awesome

Down Side

Only one-its not edible!!!! hehehe

Recommendation: 100%


  1. Anu the way you write a review is just superb ! I love the you express yourself through your posts ! Just superb I must say! I would definitely try this one for sure.I saw an online shopping site stocking body shop product so will buy from there.Thanks a lot for the review !

  2. I am so tempted to use this one

  3. @Taps: I got up on this lovely Sunday morning to find your lovely comment Taps-Love uuuuuuuuu :) :) :) But honestly speaking-I love your reviews more- coz you write and analyze them in so much detail :) :) :) and which site is that ??? plz send me the link on FB!!!!! I would love to check out!!

  4. @Suchismita di (Girl Next Door :) ): I really think you will love it!! DO try it once!!!


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