Monday, October 24, 2011


Brand Name: Gucci
Line: Gucci Guilty
Name: Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

Bought from: Frankfurt Airport Duty Free Shop

Price:  48.5 Euro 

Type: For Women


The best thing about returning by flight from a place you fell in love with-is certainly the duty free shops at the airport. It’s like the final good-bye hug from somewhere you do not want to leave. Well that’s what happened with me when I was on my way home after spending a lovely week in the German countryside. The Frankfurt Duty free shops-I wouldn’t call it a shopper’s haven-since I missed some good brands there-I so expected I will find NARS and Urban Decay-but found Dior, Chanel, YSL and L’Oreal-all of which I find nowadays in Kolkata. So thought about hitting the perfume gallery. I could locate many well known brands there and finally settled for a Gucci.

An Image from Gucci Website
The website describes this perfume as having top notes of lavender and lemon, heart note of orange flower, base notes of cedar wood and patchouli.

Well this is a Gucci-so there should be a round of “aww” for that. But after the initial adoration-comes the scanner of critic. In the first few moments after spritz, the aura was awesome-I felt it to have a deep-seated sweet flowery fragrance beneath a fine citrus flavor. I know these all do not technically describe a perfume-but I am not much of an expert to define perfume by notes. All I feel is that it is sweet inside with a tangy outside. (Doesn’t that sound like a typical Sagittarian Woman???-hell yeahh-I am one !!!)

 That's my first Gucci !!!

Good for women who like sweet fragrances with some tang.

Down Side:

1) Staying power is not that good-smell fades within 2-3 hours.

2) Price: Much on the higher side 

Recommendation: I warn you, that this perfume is a Casanova-It pulled me away from a Chanel rack to submit to it. Its rather attractive-but with some downsides. So do try some other lines before settling for this one.



  1. This really looks attractive, but price quite higher na?? Thanks for it!

  2. Yaa Taps-but the gallery of awesomeness at the duty free store sorta mesmerized me-and I just bought it like some person under spell =D But I so wish it had good lasting power =(

  3. The bottle looks so amazinggg!!!!

  4. Oww-Kimi-Welcome to my Bloggie :) :) :)Hey I told you about my trip to Germany-I got this from there -I was so so confused to see the line of Gucci-Dior-Hugo-Chanels at the duty free-I just fell for this one's smell and look-the smell is nice-but me not happy bcoz it does not stay long enuf :( :( :(


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