Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be-Talk: Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Brand Name: Patanjali (Product of Patanjali Ayurveda)

Type: Aloe Vera Gel

Quantity: 150ml

Price Rs 75

The war paint we love swathing our face with isn’t really tender to our skins at all. Although they may be non-comedogenic - the sweat,sebum and grime never let the skin rest in peace. Especially if facial makeup is an imperative part of someone’s daily routine, break outs are most often found to be a regular affair, accompanied with dull skin, spots and eventually robs off the natural essence of beauty from face-something that no amount of full coverage foundation or concealer can hide. Therefore, we need some holy grail product that will form some kind of a skin defense but as girls-our demands are hardly so few! We need that to be non-sticky, to get absorbed quickly, to have no funny smell and certainly no weird feel :D Considering all this –I can safely say-I have found mine!!!

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel



Me Talk: 
It is a lime colored semi thick gel-(a little less thicker than gel tooth pastes) with a pleasant mild smell. Although It feels slimy at first , but gets absorbed within a couple of minutes of application to give a soft supple and glowing visage. I have used creams, serums, gels, lotions to emulsions-but none gives such an instant suppleness as this one! And guess what! It minimizes pimples from the first application and if used everyday before makeup-or as required-it actually stops the appearance of pimples ! There is a definite glow observed from the very first use-no not the fluorescent glow that fairness ads show-it’s the glow of soft and supple skin. Overall, I consider it as a genie in a bottle (sorry tube  :))and can be the one step skin care product for anyone who have nightmares about skin problems!


1) I found the pimples clearing up within a few applications and new ones stopped from appearing
2)Skin looks like a freshly watered leaf after its use!!
3)Non sticky-gets absorbed within minutes
4) Works as a fantastic moisturizer for oily skin
5) Price is incredibly low for the quantity one gets with an 18 month longevity!

Cons! No way! 

Recommendation: 100%


  1. I have used Banjara's product and they have gels based on apricot, peach, orange-honey etc as well. They too good and they make you explore beyond aloevera. I am not sure whether you get Banjara's in Kolkata or not. Link -

  2. Heyy Thank you for reading the review! I too have heard about Banjaras-herbals-but sadly couldnt locate a store in Kolkata that sells them-I would love to try out their different gels-since owing to my oily skin-gels are the only stuff I can apply :) :) and I read your blog! You write gr8! esp I loved your poems :)

  3. I have exactly same experience with patanjali aloe gel, i simply love it !! itt brightened my complexion sooooo much last winter, i remember, even this is my hg product !! other aloe vera gel never suit me u know like natures essence n all, only this gel i find entirely pure.u can also use this as ur conditioner, it works really well! Nice review !

  4. Hey Anu, great review...I am always planning to buy this but never get around to it...I have dry skin but have suffered from Adult acne and still get some recurring pimples now and then...would it work at eliminating this problem? Also locally kothaye pete pari near Jadavpur?

  5. @Taps: Hi5 gal!!! and thankuuu for the conditioner trick!!!!! I am now totally dependent on this product to care for my skin-even Lotus tea tree gel didnt suit me as much this one did!!!!!

  6. @Pooja: thankuuu!!! And you know I think if you use this gel on a regular basis-its goinna clear up the acne problems-I say this because owing to regular use of foundation-I have the most break out prone skin-but using this-the occurence has reduced and the existing ones have cleared up-also if you u this-u can skip the moisturiser-which most often lies behind the acne problem

  7. and here are some addresses of the Patanjali stores in Kolkata-see if they are useful-I am so happy one has opened up near my home only :) :)

    Patanjali Chikitshalya,
    1, A, Ballygunj Palace,
    Near Deys Medical
    East Kolkata – 19, W.B.
    M. 09883017969, 09830816114

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    Siddharth Enterprise
    Smt. Pushpa Devi Jalan
    83/1, Bentick Street,
    (Near Lal Bazar Police Station)
    Kolkata-700 001, West Bengal ,
    Ph.-033-22364741, 09830077899

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    Tapasi Sengupta, Swaviman
    Tarun Alo Apartment
    Chinar Park, Near V.I.P. Road
    Rajarhat New township Road
    Kolkata – 700059, W.B.
    M.- 09433001245, 09836596648
    Ph. 033-27116454

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    MNP Traders Pvt. Ltd., 91 B,
    Chittaranjan Avenue,
    Kolkata-700073 (West Bengal)
    Ph. 033 22251162, 09830665005

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    Smt. Suman Aggarwal, P-193,
    C.I.T. Scheme-VII M,
    Near Ultadanga Railway Station Kolkata-700067, W.B.
    Ph.-033-32925622, M- 09331260507

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    105/7B, Sil Bagan, Dumdum,
    Kolkata – 74, W.B.
    M. 09433532864, 033 65363740

    Patanjali Chikitshalya
    63-Parwati Ghos Lane,
    Near Girish Park Petrol Pump
    Kolkata-700007, W.B.
    M-09330105000, 09330039251

  8. Thanks a lot Anu :) Dey's medical is near most I guess but that also I don't know abt the exact location!


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