Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be Talk : L’Oreal Total Repair Five Repairing conditioner

Brand Name: L’Oreal

Type: Conditioner for hair

Price: Rs 80

Quantity: 90g

Pic from Youtube

I love the way Aishwarya comes swirling in that freaking gorgeous red dress and lets her hair flutter across the TV screen like unwinding a spool of silk. Its true-whatever this lady says-seems to be true- hehe. Well, this time she got me into buying the L’Oreal Total Repair Five Repairing conditioner-for my hair that doesn’t actually need “repair” –but the regular shampoos hardly do anything to the hair other than cleaning the scalp. For that extra shine-one has to resort to either a conditioner or an after wash serum. Personally I like conditioners more than serums-since the later STAYS on the hair-and I have an eerie feeling that it is attracting dust!!! The apply-and-wash-off type conditioner is what I prefer mostly.

What the product Claims:

It combats 5 signs of damage: Hair fall, Dryness, Roughness, Dullness, Split ends

Damaged Hair can lack the natural cement which keeps the hair strong & resilient.

To ensure cohesion & strength, the l'Oreal laboratories have created ceramide cement technology to replace the hair's natural cement, targetting the 5 problems.
>Repairs: the hair fibres, the hair structure is re-enforced and hair regains strength like new
>Transforms: the hair surface to a regular & smooth conditioner 


Well-I have tried various brands in conditioner previously-Himalaya, Ultra Doux, Garnier Fructis, L'Oreal Paris Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine and many years ago- a conditioner named Flex from Revlon. I find the Loreal total repair five conditioner to be an average quality one among them. On the first use-I might have poured some extra bit of it-the reason I am explaining later-and my hair remained limp for two days. Also I found-the most optimum amount of this conditioner- makes the hair soft and manageable-but it weighs it down too-I need to comb it several times to make it get the volume. The good thing is-it makes the brush easy to pull through. As for strengthening-honestly-I could find no significant difference. I think all this conditioner does is- make my hair smooth and silky-but it left me wanting for the airy softness that Aishwarya so proudly flaunts. Also the smooth effect goes away after another single wash.


1) Makes hair smooth and manageable

2) Prevents tangles and makes hair easy to comb through

3) Price is reasonable

4) Nice fragrance

Down Side :

1) Weighs hair down-and makes it totally limp if overused

2) Effect doesn’t last long

3) The top-down packaging is responsible for letting the extra amount out-the flip cap at the bottom always lets out more than what is required for my average length hair . And its quite a menace to get the extra amount inside as well. See the Picture below

Recommendations : 70%


  1. I used it - hair because AWESOME!! ... used it regularly and it stopped doing "special" treatment for my hair . I realized this has silicon and that is BAD ... stopped using it for good :P

  2. Exactly Komal-It makes hair smooth-but I just dont like the way my hair becomes limp after a day :( :( You can try Himalaya protein conditioner-it suits me the best :)

  3. it didnt suit my hair :(
    initially worked..but later i started having hairfall :'(

  4. i mean i used the shampoo...
    and not this conditioner though :D

  5. Ohh!!! Thanks Bidisha-I will skip buying that then :( :( :( but did not have much good results from this conditioner too :(

  6. I did not have a good experience with L'Oreal shampoo. Still have a bottle left :(

  7. I really love their shampoo as it got back the former shine and softness to my hair....but their mask was not any great so I avoided the conditioner altogether... but anyhow got a free sample with my shampoo this month...will try out soon :D

  8. I had posted a comment, its not showing ! Anyways I had written that I had horrible experience with thie shampoo, caused sooooo much hairfall!

  9. wow sounds gr8 ... m gonna try it soon thanks 4 sharing it really helped

  10. Sorrryyyy Galz-I was away yesterday-so couldnt post comments :)

    Nivedita: After my disastrous experience with Garnier fructis-I have stopped using any other brand of shampoos except Himalaya :(

  11. Pooja-okk then-you can tell us how u felt about the Loreal conditioner after u have used it :) :) :)

  12. Taps- I had similar reaction with Garnier fructis-as well as Dove-so I religiously stick to HImalaya in the hair department :)

  13. Faby: Thanku for reading the review n I so glad u liked it :) you can try it to see if it suits u-I will personally recommend Himalaya protein conditioner though :)

  14. I don't like any of the types of L'oreal hair care products except the color protect one- red one. I have used all the types- red-white(above), beige one, red one, pink one and among all red one is bit better (if your hair is colored). Stated the color of the containers coz I don't remember the specific names.
    After using I used to feel my hair to be kinda sticky.. fragrance used to be good initially but does not last long. Best hair care products are by Dove :)

  15. Ohh !!! Actually me too felt my hair to be weighed down after using this Loreal conditioner-however-I shall review another Loreal hair care product shortly which I really liked-totally opposite to this one..u can check that out :)

  16. have used the shampoo.. never used the conditioner though. im liking the new pantene conditioner these days. nice review as always.. :)

  17. Kuheli! Want the review!!!! :) :) And thanku so much sweetie :) <3

  18. I just got the serum in this product range. Yet to use it, lets see how it suits me!!!
    Check out my 'Biotique Skin Care + Lots more' GIVEAWAY

  19. You speak my mind actually :)-I will post the review on the serum shortly -you can check whether our reactions match :) :) :)


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