Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Talk: Bad Buys from

Well-I admit-I am greedy-no-horribly greedy :D. I can’t wait till I get my hands on something everyone is talking about. I cannot bear to stay away from the buzz they are making

RESULT: I frequently get home with a month’s salary worth of useless products and in return get week’s worth of cracking rebukes from mom and dad for that.  

Latest example: My haul from

So-with all the girls pst-psting on their own healthkart buys-how can I stay behind?? So on a sultry November afternoon-when I was getting bored to death-I wanted to add some spice-thought of some online shopping and searched for those brands on Healthkart-that I have NEVER used before. Ok-so the my list went like:

1) Aroma Magic China Rose Shampoo
2) Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear Tube
3) OXY Perfect Wash

I placed the order on Thursday, November 10.  After confirming the payment-I received a mail from them mentioning my product details, price total and shipping address. Next day evening, on 11.11.11, I got a mail from them-confirming the shipping of the order. I received my order on Monday-14th November, 2011.


 The first and weird cat that came out of the bag-is that the OXY perfect wash is a men’s facewash!!! It is no where given on the product description on the website-AND it is listed under “Beauty” AND under “Beauty” it is listed IN  “Face Care”.

So how on Merlin’s pants should I know that it is a men’s facewash ????  On the backside of the facewash tube-it is clearly mentioned as a men’s product-but NOT EVER on the product description on the HK website(see below-and compare!!!).

 Only after the arrival of the package-and noticing the back of the tube-I checked the HK website to find that OXY is ALSO listed in “Mens” products (Men’s section is also listed under BEAUTY :D)–I didn’t even check the Men’s Section while buying !!!!
The second and ugly cat-was the Aroma Magic China Rose Shampoo. 

JULY 2010!!!!


Even from stationers I don’t buy products with MFD beyond the last 6 months

Thanks for making my Mom restate for the n-th time-how I innovate ways to waste money!

The last cat is small and cute. In fact, its too small to be happy with :( :( I was wondering if it was some free sample they sent. The  tube of the Bodyography primer is slightly longer than my pinkie But I cannot blame HK-they have mentioned the quantity-but anyway-I am just describing the kittys of surprise from my online haul.

Moral of the Story- Take risk at your own risk

Pro-Side of shopping from Healthkart (from my own experience)

1) Smooth payment
2) Quick confirmation and shipping
3) Prompt delivery

Downside: Look UP :D

Recommendations:Not listed-its a "complex" number :D


  1. err...bad :( Ya oxy is mens range..they should have mentioned though..and ya old stuff is a problem with few sites..

  2. Yaa- honestly I dint know- :( :( but getting the old product has truly dampened my spirit of online shopping :( :( :(

  3. eerrrrrrrrrrrrr... seriouSLY BAD... luck hi kharab hoga .... site also to blame for sending in old stuff...

  4. totally yaar- my fault-that I ordered stuffs I have never tried before-but I thought why should I order stuff that I get in shops :( :( And the old product!!!! That pissed me off x( x( x(

  5. OMG...I just placed an order yesterday bcz they had a great discount only for yesterday...I hope this doesn't happen to me! :|

  6. Welll welll should I be laughing reading the description or feel sad for you dont know ! :p Anyways actually i knew oxy face wash is a mens face wash as i had got free smaples of it from the worst is the china rose shampoo, july 2010??? seriously bad.Ya online shopping comes with pro and cons side !

  7. Pooja: I pray it doesnt happen with you-as for me-I now seriously feel-our good old shops-where we can see and read about the actual product descriptions is far better :(

  8. Taps: I had no hint that it could be a man's product -If atleast they mentioned it once in the product description-I would have been aware x( x( and OXY is no gilette/ axe/denim-that I would know by default-khair choro..... :( :(

  9. ohh thats bad!! I have ordered from HK several times.. I have never had any such bad experience.. but this old stock thing is really bad! Did u write to them on this? at least they shud know about this old stock thing!

  10. Heyy Rekha-welcome to my blog :) No-I havent written to them about the old stuff-actually I noticed it after using it once-so not sure if they would take it back-or refund :( :( lemme see-I will write them a mail today :( :(

  11. It's too bad!! But err.. even I knew Oxy face wash is men;s facewash.
    I got my order yesterday and hearing your account I checked all my products. I have been lucky that way I guess because all the products are new.
    My friend also placed an order. Hope her's don't turn up like yours did.
    but yes, point noted!

  12. My bad luck was really bad this time I guess :( :( -neither have I seen ads nor someone using OXY stuff-but my point is that-HK should see the ways products are organized on their site-the product description should have mentioned that its a men's product-and also why was this placed among a whole lot of Ladies stuff?? and as for the old thingy-I will try to bring it to their notice through mail-letsc what they say :(

  13. Thats too bad Anuradha. You know I generally forget to check the MFD of products while buying online, thanks fr the wake up call!

  14. Its very common Ankita-in fact most of the time I forget and only check after getting home-and often have to rush back to the store to change the product-now I dont know what HK would say if I ask them to change this shampoo :( :( :(

  15. u know, abt the MFG date...generally all the shopping websites (and real stores too) give this kind of items only...u can't change based on that..but do check if the expiry date is within 6 months or not! then u can put a claim I maybelline CS lippies bought from UT are dated 2010 Pkd. n expires in 2013..also a Colorbar Coco liner I bought from a store a few months ago will be expiring in next 4-5 months and I am rushing to use it up...can't help in such cases.
    BTW, I am still awaiting my healthkart package and it is over 5 days ...hmph!
    err....sorry for the long comment!

  16. Are I loooveee long comments Pooja :) write what you feel over here-I am all ears :) and yaa-at least I can scream at stores if they give me old stuff-only because I have found that old stuff have some marked differences from fresh stuff-for example-lippy secrete some oil on their surfaces, some pencils are shattered on the inside-and liners clump and mascaras flake :( :( so always ask for new stuff even if there is a year before they expire!

  17. and 5 days!!! man thats bad-dont wait anymore-write to them at least on their FB page!

  18. how is that china rose shampoo... is it effective as in antidandruff trtment????

  19. Sukanya: I will write a detailed review on this-I have used it only twice so far-so waiting for results to show up-till now-my rating would be 60-70% :(

  20. omg... seriously such a waste of money
    did they replace?
    thanks for sharing, just placed an order and am scared to death for my order is almost 2k but on stylecraze
    fingers crossed

  21. Hey Sangeetha-welcome to my blog!!! I really wish that your order reaches you in time and the stuff are fresh! I wrote about this issue on their facebook wall-wherein they asked me to give them my order number -so that they can take steps. However-even after giving them-they took no action. Very disheartening :( :( I had very good xp from UT and Stylecraze though !!

  22. Oouch !! so much money down the drain :(

    1. Yepp-almost all the three stuff are lying unused :(

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