Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Talk: NYX Round Lipstick in Frappucino

Brand Name: NYX

Price: 395 INR, $4 (Marked Price), $2.98 at Pork Daisy

Quantity: 4g

Shade: Frappucino (LSS 632)

NYX lipsticks are like a cult MUST-HAVE in any makeup lover’s kitty. It can outshine any other drugstore brands by the sheer number of awesome shades it has this line and the reasonable price tag. The price although varies between $2-$4 in internationally shipping online shopping websites-is a bit higher when bought from stores in India. There is a shade for every woman I think in this range of NYX lippys- name a shade-and they have it. Furthermore-with outstanding pigmentation and butter-soft texture that gives a creamy finish-no wonder all the girls around the world go GAGA over it . I got this lipstick as a gift-after seeing the swatches online (this was a kind of “tell me what you want” kind of gift-hehe!!). I expected it to be a peachy-beige (in other words baked-biscuit-y :D) shade-and I was surprised to find some fluorescent undertones in it after I got it on my lips. Liked Loved or Loathed? Read on!!

The PorkDaisy website describes this product as:

NYX’s Round Lipstick is a velvet-textured lipstick formulated with mineral oils to provide moisturizing benefits and rich colors. NYX’s top selling lipstick, the Round Lipstick offers long-lasting, non-smudging color.




Ok, I think everybody knows about this lipstick so much that I can skip the basic descriptions and appraisals like “ohh its so creamy, soft and smelling like vanilla”. I would rather talk about the particular shade. Now in ordinary light-this color appears to be a regular MLBB shade-call it light-brick-peach-in- beige or whatever-on applying-I found it to appear much different from that looks in the tube-it suddenly gains some fluorescent brightness-that initially I thought was washing my complexion out. I was kinda disappointed-but later on found that this can impart a really different look- a NOT-SO-INNOCENT-MLBB lip-color while paired with darkly lined eyes. The trick is to keep the eyes well defined-smudging kohl can work well too! AND one more thing-staying power is just better than a thick gloss :D :D :D

I am still wondering-is it washing me out??? :D
In flash it looks rather different :(
So finally!
Pro Side (Ya ya! I know that you already know :D)

1) Very Creamy and moisturizing-I often use this shade as a lip balm :D

2) Very pigmented-I call it one stroke color

3) For fair to very fair tones-this is THE perfect MLBB; For Wheatish skintones-HANDLE WITH CARE; For dusky beauties-CLEARLY AVOID

4)Price is amazingly reasonable-if bought from some online shopping sites

5) As everyone knows-this range has more shades that there are colors in visible electromagnetic spectrum :D

Down Side: 

1)This shade is not suitable for dusky skin tones- goinna wash out totally

2) I heard these NYX lippys have great chance of breakage due to heat and subsequent melting.

3) Availability is an issue-buying from online store is difficult if credit cards or swatches are not available-also the delivery time is variable.  There are no stores that sell NYX in Kolkata (and many other places) and what’s worse-Just today I found Urban Touch is no more stocking it !!  :(

4) Be prepared to see this lipcolor everywhere you had your lips on ;)

Recommendations (for this particular shade)

Fair Skin tones: 90%
Wheatish Skin tones: 70%
Dusky Skin tones: 40%


  1. Wow! how did you get hold of this one? Pork daisy? Even I am so loving the NYX lippies!!

  2. No-actually my bro lives in Bangalore-my sis-in-law got this for me-I think there are NYX stores in Bangalore and Hyderabad-but also I ordered a few stuff from Porkdaisy-which reached me within a week :) :) :)

  3. I was thinking of buying this particular shade from but backed out at the last moment...I coudn't have "HANDLED WITH CARE" this one! I'm still trying to work around my normal lippies :P
    Looking pretty :)

  4. I wanted to try this..but ya the fluorescent undertones..dont think wud suit me..thanks for the swatch..I have tea rose and quite like it :)

  5. @Pooja: I have decided to order darker shades from this line after this-like doll or heredes-I would stay away from MLBB s of this line-coz I am really not sure which one would suit my skin tone :( :( :(

  6. @Bhumika: you know-I ordered tea rose,doll and heredes from Beauty Joint and it never reached me-then I thought about ordering from Urban Touch-and now I see they are no longer selling it-lemme see-I will order these again from Pork Daisy sometime :D

  7. very pretty shade, suits you and you look like a bubbly cute girl ! may not suit me !

  8. Thankuu sweety-I too found it somewhat difficult to match with my skintone-although it looks really nice in the tube :( We can opt for other shades though !!!:)


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