Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be-Talk: Chambor Eye Shadow Trio

Brand Name: Chambor
Price: 475 INR
Shade: Bronze 16
Quantity: 6g
Picture from Chambor Website
You wont believe this!!! I got this wonderful eyeshadow trio FREE with some Chambor purchases. I don't exactly remember the threshold amount-may be something around 1200-1500 INR and I was bouncing with joy when the SA let me know of this ongoing store offer.

What the Chambor Website Says about its eyeshadow trio:

Makeup is the Quickest and the Easiest way to play with your looks & what’s better than playing around with the eye shadows to get the most glorious looking eyes.
Let your eyes do the talking this season, with Chambor's set of 3 ultra smooth eye shadow colors. True to its name, the 'Trio Eye shadow' comes in 3 shades that beautifully play off each other to enhance your eyes.

Each shade set has been created keeping in mind a specific color combination which lets you experiment with various looks. 
Picture from Chambor Website
Formulation & Technology

  • Long-lasting film forming
  • Antimicrobial preservative
  • Perfect payoff
  • Soft silky, cushiony, rich after feel
  • Gliding effect
  • Good blendability
  • Skin conditioning
  • Moisutrising, Healing
  • Satin finish
  • Glossyfying
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Opthalmologist Tested
  • Attractive
  • Premium
  • Delicate & Feminine 


I have a fascination for Chambor products-may be because each product I have bought from this brand has served me really well. I was eyeing the eyeshadows for long-there are about 10 combinations as shown in the picture above-however-I feel the one I got as a FREEBIE is the prettiest as all the colors are wearable -to me that is. This is a highly useful combo and all the shades are really pretty and I GOT IT FREE (OK I really need to stop saying that now :D) However, the downside is that, the shades do not have a uniform pigmentation-with the silver one having the maximum, bronze-brown medium and the shimmery pink one very low. The plain swatches are not at all visible and honestly I couldn’t catch them on camera. So, I thought instead of posting the “Ghosts of the shades”-let me swatch it with some primer beneath. I have used the NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone here. I was happy to see that the brown and silver colors were looking amplified with the primer beneath-however-the health of the pink one did not improve at all :( At most-with 5-6 swipes -some faint color could be caught on camera. In my opinion-with primer-the pink can work as a very mild lid color for daytime-that will not look OTT. Kinda good I must say :). Overall-I am happy – because it was FREE-and I love the bronzy brown color!!! However, the price is not at par with the pigmentation provided by this shadow trio.

With Primer

Without Flash
 1) Very useful color combination, all colors are wearable and pretty

2) Classy Packaging

3) Sponge applicator more useful than found in some other brands

4) Bronze brown and silver color works nice with a primer beneath

With Flash

1) Poor pigmentation-

without primer-the colors are barely discernible

2) Price is 475 INR for the trio-or about 150INR for each one-quality wise- this price is over the top

3) This shade is not listed on the website-so not sure if this is discontinued :(

Recommendations: 70%


  1. the colours look so lovely in the palette.... i luvd the peachy shadeee...

  2. The peachy shade looks really cute in the palette-and with primer and 3-4 swipes-it becomes a very pretty everyday eyeshadow color :) :) :)

  3. I had wanted this combo. But I wont now :( Thanks for the warning

  4. I too will suggest avoiding this-mainly because of the pigmentation-although I really like the silky finish of the shadows-its between matte and shimmer :) :)

  5. i liked only the bronze one!! but for free, nothing to complain!

  6. Exactly!!! But this freebie also gave me a free alarm-to be cautious about buying shadows of this line-if other shades also have a similar pigmentation-I dont think I would buy them!!!!

  7. the case is pretty. but the shades dont look so promising.. :(

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