Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be-Talk: Revlon ColorStay® One Stroke Defining Eyeliner

Brand Name: Revlon

Product Line: ColorStay

Color: Blackest Black

Price: 515 INR

Picture from Revlon Website
 I was fascinated with the sheer creamy feel and jet black color of this Revlon eyeliner when the SA at a Revlon counter swatched it first-couple of years ago-and I was equally depressed hearing its price!!!! Well-that was one time and this is another-The Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Defining eyeliner in Blackest Black is the MUST HAVE product in my beauty kit now! In fact I have nightmares-that this has been discontinued!!! (somehow -the most popular and probably the best products of some brands get discontinued-Best Example: Fab India Coral Glow Face Pack :(:( )

This is what the Revlon Website says about the Revlon One Stroke Eyeliner:

- Pencil eyeliner that draws strong lines with a single stroke; incredible silky feel as smooth as a liquid eyeliner
- New silicone gel structure formula
- Superb long-lasting effect and waterproof properties – an eyeliner that won’t smear, smudge, or fade
- The soft core is easily applied around the lash line, even to the inner rim of the eye
- The plastic casing perfectly protects the soft core of the pencil and maintains its waterproof properties


Well, in one word- SUPERB. This is what I ever wanted from an eyeliner-its blackest black-creamy like butter-holds the color and sheen all day long-doesn’t fade-doesn’t smudge-and doesn’t budge-even when used on waterline-and never gives any funny reaction. Only con-its so creamy that it has to be sharpened carefully and slowly-or else what may happen is shown below! Its the true one-stroke liner-and one swipe delivers enough color. No tugging or pulling the lid-it simply delivers what it claims. At 515 bucks-its bit on higher side of price-but I can safely say-its worth every penny spent for it!! With everyday use-this will easily last a month. And I am sure anyone will fall in love with it enough to buy it again!!! 

Its undoubtedly one of the best Revlon products-and I saw some stunning colors-turquoise blue, purple and green I think- in this line before. I dunno if they are still available as the Urban Touch Website mentions it has only 2 shades. Need to check out!


As I said-before:
1) Its blackest black in color-just as the shade name claims
2) Soft-creamy and glides like dream
3) Color stays all day long without fading
4) Totally smudge proof

Down side

1) Well price is bit on the higher side-but the product is really worth it
2) It is so soft that sharpening fast tends to break the tip :(

Recommendation: 90%

And Thats me wearing it :) I was actually shooting for the DKNY watch- hehe :D


  1. I have heard a lot bout this..presently loving the chambor black dazzle..:)

  2. Wow-I will surely check that sometime Bhumika!!!! I have a chambor eye tattoo liner that I simply love-will make a post on that :) :) :)

  3. it looks amazing on u Anu :)u hv such beautiful n flawless skin <3 <3

  4. Thankuuuu Jyoti-but I must say this pic was taken on a day when my skin looked good :D :D-breakouts are my BFFS :D :D but ya-this eyeliner never fails!!! Love it <3

  5. its looking really black!! good one, if its discontinued any other liner you suggest??? i would try the blue one for sure!

  6. Mmm-well tough question!!! I am yet to come across another liner which combines all these features together-and at this price-well-there is a black from colorbar iglide-But I havent used that :D-higher end brands will definitely have options I think :)


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