Monday, November 28, 2011

Be Talk: Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Creme

Brand name: Lotus Herbals

Type: Skin Renewal Nutritive Night creme

Quantity: 50gm

Price: INR 295

Well this review cometh from my mother-who has used up several tubs of this Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream (phew!) by now-and never orders anything except this.  My mom can surely boast of her absolutely wrinkle free skin-glowing with health and suppleness-Honestly I am envious of her beautiful skin and hair-more because-she doesnt flip brands like me-sticks to some fixed products and claims away all the awards for best skin and hair everytime-every where.

I found this description from a website:

Recommended for: All skin types
NUTRANITE is a luxurious nutrient-rich night creme that renews the skin while you sleep. It works with skin’s own repair and replenishment system to repair damage caused by dehydration and environmental exposure during the day.


Well actually-it should have been "Mom-talk"-I took her feedback to compile this article. Mom says-she likes this night cream-because this rejuvenates her skin and prevents appearance of wrinkles. Her skin doesn't feel stretchy at any time due to its regular use. Every night,she does a 5 minute massage with this cream before going to sleep. HOWEVER-she mentions some cons too! First of all-she says-it feels oily on application. The cream is difficult to get absorbed totally-and the oily residue often gives rise to bumpy pimples in the morning. In her opinion- thats a major drawback of this night cream. It therefore-she says-is not suitable for oily skinned people although it would be a "night-saver" for people with dry skins. 
Mom has normal-to-combination skin-and in spite of the occurrence of pimples-she has not done away with this cream-only because she thinks this is really effective in giving her skin the desired suppleness and elasticity. She likes the fragrance too and uses this after cleansing her face every night. In the morning, she washes her face with an oil balance face wash.

So to sum up:

Pro Side:
1) Very effective in making the skin supple and soft. 
2)After applying- you can wake up in the following morning with skin looking fresh and glowing. This is not something that fades away after a wash-but persists
3) Effective in keeping facial wrinkles at bay
4) Nice fragrance

Down side
1) Not suitable for oily skin types-may lead to break outs
2) On combination skin-this cream refuses to get absorbed. Some oily residue may be found to remain

Recommendation:  80%


  1. Thanks for this review dear :)
    I need to buy a nice night n day cream for my maa as she has beautiful skin but with age I guess she needs to be more careful
    this one seems nice but for the one con it has m getting doubtful ,,
    thanks hun :)

  2. Wow Namita-its gr8 to hear that your mom has maintained her skin so well-but ya-if your mom has oily skin-she has to be careful of this cream-however if she has normal to dry skin-she will love this night creme :)

  3. I have normal to dry skin, I bought it reading someone's review, and i totally regret now.For two days my skin was very soft and all but got very tanned and after that i got severe break out, due to which still I have blemishses, the after pimple marks and i m using some products to lighten that ! :( I think this is for dry skin people above 30 !

  4. oh now am confused :< i always wanted to try this for my normal to dry skin..but taps ,it breaks out?? haww???? then i will stick to my aroma almpnd cream i guess..Anu..tell auntie to try it..its good :)

  5. Taps: I think it is the oily residue left by this cream-which is responsible for the tanning and break out-my mom too complained of bumpy break outs-and she said exactly what u said-its for dry skinned people-and is mainly good at combating wrinkles-so for >30 age group :)

  6. Sukanya: if you have dry skin-I think this will be good for you-and surely will tell mom about your suggestion :) thankuuuu <3 <3 <3

  7. I am combi skin..I guess a little thick for me..I love the Himalaya night cream..its my HG !!

  8. Wow-really! Gotta suggest my mom about the Himalaya cream then-thanks Bhumika!!!!


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