Saturday, November 5, 2011

Be Talk: Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream

Brand Name: Fab India

Price: 180 INR

Quantity: 100 ml

Purchased From: Fab India Store-South City Mall, Kolkata

Picture from Urban Touch Website
With the winters approaching- here comes the need for the extra care for arms, elbows and foot-some places which do not bother me much during the rest of the year. Well-foot care-to me includes regular scrubbing, cleaning-but in the winter time-although I don’t reach out for the Heel-Healers (that’s hilarious :D) like Crack-a little touch of deep moisturization indeed feels good and comfortable. So- apropos the requirement-I bought the Fab India Avocado Foot Cream last week.


Surprisingly-I couldn’t locate this cream on the Fab India website-so took this product description from the Urban Touch Website

Quick Overview

Moisturising Foot Cream.


Enriched with naturally moisturising Avocado Butter and Beeswax, this crime provides an effective solution for calloused feet. It gently moisturises and softens the dry and chapped heels.

How to Use

Apply liberally on feet and massage gently. Use as often as required.


I actually find this to be a very good cream for people who do not have major problems such as cracked heels. It provides the right moisturization for the winter-dryness and the gets absorbed easily. The softening effect last for the entire day and prevents chapping and peeling or any stretchy feelings on and around the foot area. It renders no sticky feel and has quite a pleasant and mild fragrance. The price is reasonable for the quality and amount-however-the availability is an issue. It is only available through Fab India outlets-which is not widely distributed in my city :(

Pro Side:

1) Provides good moisturization, keeps foot area soft

2) Prevents chapping or peeling in winters

3)Gets absorbed easily-no sticky/oilyness

4)  Price is reasonable for the quality and quantity of product

5) Pleasant and mild fragrance
6) No side reactions observed till now

1) Availability-well with so many free shipping online beauty stores available at fingertips-that’s surely not much of an offense :)

Recommendations: 90%


  1. this sounds nice.. definitely buying this once my nature co. finishes :)

  2. Looks good !! Hows the fab india body butter ? These days fab india available at many online shopping sites so can buy it, even fab india site has online shopping option ! nice review and pics !

  3. @Sukanya: Welcome to my bloggie!!!! You write lovely poems!!! :) :) And heyy-do check this out-At times I am just taking a scoop of it up-and using it as a hand cream too- coz it smells nice :) :)

  4. Taps: Heyy I have used the almond and coconut body butter-its nice too!! very moisturising -apt for winters :) :) u can check that -and I think I will order this foot cream from UT after this pack gets over :) :)

  5. Aww-Thankuu Ansh :) Me following urs too <3 <3 <3


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