Sunday, November 6, 2011

Be talk: L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Smoothing & Nourishing Oil Serum

Brand Name: L'Oreal

Product Line: Total Repair 5

Price: 125 INR

Quantity: 40 ml

Picture from Google Images

 Last week I reviewed the L’Oreal hair conditioner from the Total Repair 5 range. I am not fully happy with the conditioner,  however to makeup for my dismay-I have the serum from the same line. I bought this before the conditioner-for my first Germany Trip. I bought mainly because my hair gets frizzy in cold weather-and I was not sure if I could shampoo my hair every alternate days -as I got lot of forewarning that its already chilling there. So to keep my hair manageable during my trip-I got hold of this serum-mainly because the packaging is very travel friendly while it was during my trip that I realized its awesome features. 

 The Product Description goes something like this:

Quick Overview

Instant smoothing serum for unmanageable damaged hair


Daily aggression from sun, water & pollution makes your hair dry, rough and unmanagable. The hair tangles and breaks. L'oreal Advanced research has created the new Total Repair 5 Nourishing Oil Serum.

Its caring formula works at 2 levels:

• When applied, it instantly attaches itself to damaged areas, repairs and unifies the hair's surface, creating a protective shield against further damage and split ends.

• Nourishes and smoothens your hair from root to tip; hair feels silky, looks healthy and is easy to style.

Me Talk:

The name-oil-serum is kinda appropriate because the consistency is just like that of hair oil (see pic below). I applied this serum and was really happy to find that it made my hair airy soft and totally smooth. I used it before my hair dried after bathing-and combed it to find the hair totally tangle free. Till this time-it was like any other leave –on serum that I had used previously. But the feature that left me pleasantly surprised it that the effect of smoothening lasted for more than two days. Like even after washing the hair on the day next-combing was easy and the hair was tangle free. Also-another major thing I observe after using most serums is that-they keep the hair very soft for a day-but on washing-the hair becomes rough and limp. The best thing about this serum is that is that it doesn’t ever make the hair limp or rough or frizzy after the effect wears off. It is a side effect free serum as far as I experienced. Although I don’t use it everyday-everytime I have used it-it has pleased me with the way it render just the shine and bounce I want-without  accompanying extra problems later. This I think this serum can truly be called Aishwarya’s Genie in bottle!!

Pic showing consistency

Pro Side:

1) Makes hair silky soft and shiny

2) Totally controls frizz-hair becomes manageable if proper quantity is used

3) Doesn’t dry hair after use, nor makes it limp

4) All the good effects survive for more than one day/wash

5)Does not weigh down Hair or make it sticky

6) Price is quite reasonable

7) Pleasant smell

Down Side :  Nothing-but since I have normal hair-I am not sure if this would suit galz with oily hair

Recommendations: 90%



  1. Ok I have this but didn't get much chance of using...will try out soon! gr8 review!

  2. Loved you review ! I am amazed this product being so reasonable is really this good! I would definitely try this one 4 sure !

  3. @Pooja: Thankkuuu!!! I am sure-you will love using this!!! also temme about your experience with this after you use it!!! :) :) :)

  4. Taps: True!!!-at 125 bucks this product is really good-do check this out !!!it is also easily available through UT :) :) :)

  5. have not tried serum yet ... but thnks fofr d info ... nice review ... me following yr blog too :)

  6. Hey Rids!!! Thank u for reading the review-do check out this serum-its really nice!!!!!!

  7. and thankuuu for following!! :) :) :)

  8. wow! i was kinda sceptic abt this one. but now im buying this for sure. efect lasts for 2days?! thats just amazing! thanks anuradha. :)

  9. Yepp Bulbul (I love calling you by this name :) ) even after you wash your hair on the next day after using this serum-you will find your hair more manageable than without it-this happens rarely with other serums-also it doesnt make hair limp/dry/rough after the next wash :) Do try it :)


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