Monday, November 14, 2011

Be-Talk: Chambor Silver Shadow Poudre Compacte

Brand Name: Chambor

Product: Compact

Shade: RR5-Noisette

Price: Rs 725

 I am always on the look out for good compact powders-because they form a most important part of my everyday routine before going out. I look for ones-that have the shade nearest to my skin  tone,a light texture, that will absorb extra oils secreted from the face, and also will not look splotchy on sweating. I bought the Chamber Silver Shadow Poudre compact on impulse (read : vigorous pushing from SAs). However, impulse buys often pay off more than sensible ones I guess. I thoroughly love this compact now!!!

What the Chambor Website says:

A compact is a must have for all women of today. Chambor brings to you Silver Shadow - a magical compact powder which will give you the flawless finish required in a jiffy.
Chambor Silver Shadow is made up of Translucent Loose Powder which has excellent blending ability, smooth application & a silky after feel. Also acts like a perfect base and gives you a healthy look.

Ingredients: Vitamin A & E 

  • Gives a matte finish
  • Allows make up to stay longer
  • Fresh look in 2 minutes
  • Hides minor skin blemishes
  • Convenient to carry
  • Water resistant
  •  Long Lasting
  • Non-Comodogenic
  • No animal ingredients
  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested
Shades Available: Ivoire, Rose pale, Sable, Noisette.


Well I found the perfect shade that matches exactly with my skin tone in this product-the correct texture to give a fully even finish-and most of all-it stays put even with profuse sweating on a busy hot summer day. Overall-this is what I wanted. Although it does not give complete coverage-I use it as the perfect setting powder over my foundation. I use this with large powder brush-and it leaves behind a flawlessly glowing skin-that doesn’t turn splotchy with sweating-In fact it never stands out from the foundation-such is the blending quality. And it has never broken me out. And although I would have bought this compact even if the single pan came for Rs 725, to add to my glee-it comes with a free refill pan!!!! That means two compacts of quantities larges than any other available compacts in market-are coming for 725 bucks!!! Me happy
However, I thing would like to mention is that-although I found a shade most close to my skin tone-which is brighty-wheaty- at first I was wondering if the shade would be alright for me-and was looking for a shade darker. I found that the noisette is the darkest shade available :(  So for dusky toned beauties-I feel this line is not much suitable-as the powder may leave a whitish cast. For medium, fair to very fair tones-this line could be most ideal. Also-this doesn’t provide full coverage-rather its quite sheer-so it won’t count in your choice if you are looking for a full coverage compact.

Pro Side

1) Acts a perfect setting powder for foundation-doesn’t let foundation budge for the whole day even in hot weather
2) Blends completely and effortlessly-Doesn’t become splotchy in sweat
3) Mitigates oily-ness to render a silky finish-yes the finish is not totally matte-its smoother
4) Exactly matches my skin-so no fear of funny photos :D
5) Stays all day long
6) Didn’t break me out
7) The buffing-puff is of better quality than of other compacts I have used

 8) Quite economical in size-with one free refill pan

1) Medium coverage
2) Shade selection is biased towards medium to light tones
3) The large size-which is off course a nice thing-but gets 1 con point for me-because its difficult to pack in small purses.

Recommendation: 90%.


  1. Couldnt eply to any of your recent posts as my lappy fell and hard drive crashed anyways dear, it looks very good, i wanted to try this one but couldnt, will buy it soon.

  2. Oh no Taps!!! Thats real bad!!! I was wondering why I couldnt find u online these days-also missed ur post and comments :( :( Is the lappy ok?? And yeah-I am so in love with this compact now!!!

  3. Oooh looks interesting! Thanks for the review. Will surely check this out on my next trip to the mall. :)

  4. Hehe-yeah!!! I am sure you will love it!!!

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  6. which shade in chambor silver shadow is suitable for DUSKY skin????


  8. well Kavi-this shade I reviewed is the darkest shade available and this suits my wheatish skin very well-I also mentioned this as a con here about the limited choice of shades :( :( It is good for oily skin-it doesnt clog pores and lead to break out-but I am afraid-this would not give complete coverage to severe acne spots :(


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