Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Be Talk: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup

Brand Name: Colorbar

Type: Matte

Price: 225 INR

Quantity: 4.2g

Shade: Crème Cup1 (78V)

I am off late much attached to matte lipsticks. With the winter approaching-I was wondering if I could get a lipstick that doesn’t make lips look like sand dunes with all the lines all the more visible-but somehow-thanks to Maybelline and its longtime pampering of cream finish lipsticks-I am really really on the hunt for good matte lipsticks from any good brand out there. Well, what caught my net in my first skim through stores is the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick.

Picture from Colorbar website
What the Website says about these lipsticks:

For a rich lip colour with a creamy shine, the Velvett Matte Lipstick, available in 45 stunning shades infuse the lips with vibrancy. Its unique 2-in-1 formulation gives the lips a creamy, yet matte finish. A one of a kind product in India, it has super softening agents that give the lips a soft and supple appearance while keep them nourished with Vitamin E. Staying on up to 5 hours on application, the Velvett Matte Lipstick can be further accentuated with lip gloss and lip liner.



I am a sucker for peachy coral shades and no wonder I pounced on this one on the very first time the SA at the store swatched it :D This according to me a brilliant shade-something that will suit everyday use-and whats more –It can give an instant makeover to the everyday look even with just minimal eye makeup.  Moreover-although the finish is a perfect matte-it does not dry lips at all. The best feature is its staying power-it stays beyond meals- afeature which I have so far hardly found in any other lipstick! Overall-I dint need a single retouch on a normal working day-after I applied it in the morning with some lip liner. The last smile is off course of the unbeatable price-you wont get another matte lippy of this quality at this price I suppose!!! And there are extremely pretty shades available for everyone to choose from-God knows why I am still not running for the second one :D



1) It gives a great matte finish-and does not dry lips at all
2) Wonderful staying power-It survives tasty meals :D
3) Great variety of colors available
4) Awesome pricing at 225 INR
5)This particular shade is great for everyday wear and will suit almost all skin tones

Down Side:

Nothing-only that some stores do not have all the pretty shades :(

Recommendations: 90%


  1. looks cute :) something like My Mahogany naa!!

  2. looks lovely me want it now:|
    loved uour nail color whicj one is it

  3. @Bee: Yaa- but since it is a matte shade-the color comes out to be deeper shade of peach after some time of applying :) The best thing is the color doesnt fade at all throughout the day :)

  4. @Shivani: I soo love this nail-paint-I am making a post on this today-do check out <3 <3 <3

  5. Wow. These look so beautiful. Is it close to Naked Pink?

  6. This is a truly gr8 shade Nivedita -Naked pink from this range was appearing like an MLBB pink on me-this comes out as a deep peach shade after applying :) :)

  7. The shade is really pretty ! But never seen this at shop or I would have bought it, do check over the top 1 shade from this range.Ankita has reviewed that, pretty shade,I have naked pink and sultry pink from this range !

  8. Its true Taps- I always find different shades at different Colorbar outlets-I got this from a New Market shop..I will surely check Ankitaz review-coz I wanna buy more stuff from this Velvet matte line :)

  9. I was wondering why this looks soooo familiar and then I read Bee's comment... where are the beauty markets in Kolkata? I need some serious retail therapy

  10. Hey Ankita!! Welcome to my bloggie :)!!!! Ok-so if you are in Kolkata-I will ask you to check out the malls first-the shoppers stops in them have got all the leading brands-do visit South City Mall, City Center Salt Lake and Forum Mall at Elgin Road-You will find Colorbar stalls in all Pantaloons outlets-In South City mall there is one-Also visit shops in New Market-they have a great variety and stocks almost all shades of any line of brands :) Happy Shopping!!!

  11. Thanks.... will check out these places.... and where can i pick up inexpensive cotton kurtis for home wear and lounging around?

  12. You can get them at Gariahat, Dakshinapan Complex-its 2 stops ahead of gariahat-beside a big Indian Oil Corp building- and again-New Market-I get mine from Dakshinapan :) :)


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