Thursday, January 26, 2012

Be Talk: Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick in Indiana Fusion

Brand: Chambor
Line: Powder Matte
Shade: Indiana Fusion (164)
Price: Rs 450

I got the fever of matte lipsticks since the last year-so much that in every cosmetics counter I only asked for matte lippys. My favorite shades are usually a variety of browns-especially peachy browns. However, I got thoroughly smitten by the Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick in the shade Indiana Fusion and it actually kick started my knack for reds!

What the Chambor Website says about this lipstick:

  •  Excellent moisturizing effect.
  • Emollients: For creaminess and comfort & gliding effect.
  • Long wearing & water resistant.
  • Has spherical powders to get the ultimate Matte Effect.
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Dermatological Tested.
  • Regular use of Powder Matte Lipsticks makes the Lips Soft & Healthy.

Me Talk:

The shade Indiana Fusion is brick or terracotta red in shade. This is one shade that simply rocks on wheatish skin. 

Not only the shade, I rave about this lippy because of its superb creamy texture and full matte finish. The name is aptly called powder matte- because the lipstick gives a soft matte appearance. It has awesome pigmentation - it requires maximum 2 swipes to give full coverage. It can stay put all day long with meals in between. The best part is that in spite of its matte nature-it doesn’t dry lips-on the contrary-it keeps them soft all day long. However, naturally dry lips should nourished with a lipbalm before its use.

Pro Side 

1) Superb pigmentation-gives an opaque finish
2) All day long staying power
3) Full matte texture. Lips don’t look caked.
4) Doesn’t dry lips
5) Makes the lips look fuller-doesn’t accentuate fine lines on lips
6) The shade Indiana Fusion is perfect for Indian skin tones. It will complement all skin tones from wheatish medium to fair.
7) Price although is bit on the higher side-but it’s worth every penny spent for. Check out for discounts at various websites
8) Some very beautiful shades are available in this range-I already have two others


Recommendations: 100%


  1. lovely shade. i am gonna try this out!
    nice review.....<3

  2. Awesome shade, i am going for it 4 sure!

  3. lovely shade..looking nice on you!!!

    1. awww thankuuu Rakshanda!! this is really a lovely shade!!! do check it out sometime!!

  4. nice shade baby.............. i've bought 1 .. soon will give the review

  5. There is only one word to say for this look. SEXY!!!
    Ki daroon shadeta re!!

    1. off offf ki complement!!! Thaankkyyouuuuuu :) :) kinis eta :)

  6. the shade looks so flattering on u Anuradha!! <3

  7. lovely shade ... Chambor is one of my fav cosmetics brand ... Love most of their products


  8. The color is lovely and you look really good. I love such natural and soft shades.

  9. Love that lipstick!

  10. this is one heck of a lipstick. period.

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