Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be Talk: Faces Mineral Liquid Foundation

Brand: Faces
Line: Mineral
Type: Liquid Foundation
Shade: Beige (03)
Price: INR 499

In the last haul of last year-I bought a bunch of Faces products. I dint have a prior preview of most of them-it was an impulse shopping session (actually I got bored of waiting for a friend and hit a big Cosmetics store in North Kolkata to vent my frustration somewhat :D)  So there I went-and got the Faces Minerals foundation for myself.

PS: I am obsessed with foundations of late. Before this I bought the Lakme Intense White Foundation which I thoroughly disliked. And more the number of times I get a wrong product-the more I freak out to get a better one :| I hope my mom is not reading this…

Okay-So I got a description of this foundation from the Health Kart website-where it is available at a discount of 60 bucks.

FACES Mineral Liquid Make up 

Faces Mineral Liquid Makeup smoothens and illuminates your natural skin tone. Its light weight formula does not drag or cake up. It contains vitamin E that helps renew your skin tone from within.
Faces Cosmetics is an internationally acclaimed cosmetics brand from Canada.

This is written on The Carton:

1) Smoothens and Illuminates your natural skin tone
2) Light weight formula that doesn’t drag or cake up
3) Vitamin E helps renew your skin from within

 Me Talk

From the first day of use-I am smitten by the awesomeness of my first mineral foundation. I prefer a dewy look and a foundation that has a shade close to my wheatish skin tone and also which doesn’t give a patchy finish. The Faces minerals foundation fits these bills like it was made to be my perfect foundation!!! This foundation isn’t exactly liquid-it has the consistency of a slightly thick cream. It gives medium to full coverage. It comes in a tube with a nozzle-which I find more convenient than a bottle or tub packaging.

What I like is that-this foundation needs no setting powder or compact. On blending properly-the foundation gives an instant pearly glow to the face. I have never seen any other foundation to do this before. The blending is easy as the foundation glides on and on-until the last bit of it is absorbed into the skin. I off course use liberal amounts of moisturizer beneath it. As I said-I dint use any powder to set this foundation-still it doesn't melt or make me sweat. 

Also I have noticed that with other foundations-the face turns darker as you sweat and move around in the sun (Umbrellas and sunscreens are like an extra luggage to me forever :D). However, I found the Faces foundation to maintain the original shade and finish all day long! And the best part! It didn’t break me out at all-I have used it twice so far-and somehow-I don’t know how-my face looks tad brighter after its daylong use!!!

Just after applying
 Do you see the nice blending and finish!
After a day long wear WITHOUT any touch up
SO to Sum up:

1) It gives a flawless finish. By flawless I mean-non-patchy-non cakey-and-non oily/slathering
2) Easy to blend because of the creamy consistency
3) The coverage is medium to full and it doesn’t budge with heat or sweat
4) Foundation doesn’t melt-but due to oil mines in my T zone-that place slightly “glazed” after some time. Dry skinned people wont have this problem
5) It didn’t break me out at all. On the contrary-my face looks brighter after everyday I use it.
6) This shade (Beige 03) is a perfect shade that compliments my wheatish skintone.
7) No whitish casts-it render the skin a pearly glow after applying
8) The tube with nozzle prevents wastage or contamination
9) Only 2 blobs like the one in the picture is enough to cover the face and neck.


1) The quantity is only 25 ml. And given that you would thoroughly love the product-I wonder if one tube would last a month!
2) The packaging should have been made transparent-so that the quantity remaining could be understood.

Recommendations: 100%


  1. Seems like a wow product :)
    how is the coverage?? I mean is it like tinted moisturiser or really like a foundation??

  2. anuradha thank you so much for posting this review!!!! have been waiting for it! and now that you have judged it to be flawless I am definitely getting this!!! thank u soooo much... mmuuuaaahhhhh :D

  3. bah! sounds really good..i too love dewy finishes..thnx for reviewing

  4. nice review Anuradha..!! and lovely blog... enjoyed reading all the posts... :)

  5. Full coverage foundation and this great finish!!! I am going gaga!! I am also going through a base-makeup phase and I am like say trying to give every foundation a try!! When a part of my present stock is finsihed I am so getting this!
    You sold me out!!
    Looking beautiful as always!!
    Ei word verificationta bondho kor na!!! ki bicchiri lage!!! mon diye comment kora jay na. bar bar korteo chap hoy :(

  6. @Pooja_G
    Hey Pooja-this gives mdeium to full coverage-and once applied the coverage stays all day long-doesnt fade or melt :) :) This is a true good foundation :)

  7. Suma: I give a thumbs up to this foundation !!!! I am using it everyday now!!!

  8. Sukanya: yaa-just use liberal moisturiser beneath it-it will give u just the dewy look you want!!!!

  9. Beauty amd Makeup Studio: Heyy thankkoo so much for visiting my blog!!! Me visiting yours now :) :) :)

  10. Niv: You will love this foundation-its totally worth the price-and ai kikore ei word veification ta katay bolbi ektu-amaro khub baje lage- :(

  11. thank u..very sweet of u..!!!!!! :) :) :)

  12. arre settingse ja okhanei pabi re

  13. This foundation has given such nice coverage yet looks so natural and flawless on your skin sweety! n what did you say pearly glow???? Oh my god i cant stop myself from buying this dear! I will surely purchase it for sure!

  14. Taps: yeiii girl!!! You will love this foundation!!!

  15. i really like the way it sounds. it is affordable too. i think this is going to be by next purchase.
    thanks for the review....<3

  16. I like the packaging. The shade you have looks like it might suit me too. I am still afraid of using the foundations due to my acne skin. But I gotta try different things now.
    and U R from Kolkata??? NICE! funny we didn't know each other when I was there last 2 yrs. We lived in Lake Terrace, rashbehari n Sarat Bose road crossing. The weather must b quite nice now!!I miss Kol!

  17. North Cal? City Center or somewhere else?

  18. This product reminds me of Oriflame's Giordani Gold make up base

  19. love the packaging v much :)...and seems this is a verry good prod...would luv to try this <3

  20. Extremely sorry Galz for the late reply!!!! Our electric supply here is going through hell and couldnt open my pc for the last 2 days :(

  21. Makup Chic: Welcome to my blog!!!! and I will recommend this foundation highly!!!

  22. @Elizabeth: Wow-really!!! it will be nice if you make a post on that and share it with us!! :)

  23. Ayantika: Do try this! You will love it!!!

  24. Anu: Hey I live a little away from Kolkata-but have to visit Kolkata almost everyday for studies and shopping!!! I so wish we knew each other when you were in Kol-I know Lake Terrace very well coz one of my Uncles stay there too!!! Kolkata is having a real cute weather now-its all cool and cloudy and ideal for cat naps :D :D :D

  25. hey Emm-are you from Kolkata!!! Wow!! and thanks for visiting my blog-its only because of lovely ladies like you that blogging is such fun!!!! :) <3 <3 xoxo

  26. wow!! it does look nice Anu. "ll chk this out for sure. :)

  27. love ur eye makeup and u r very pretty girl...

  28. O Sweet jesus! M Sooo grabbing this straight away.. love the way it looks on u... u glowing! xoxoxo

  29. Nice review Anuradha and i must say u look lovely.. :)


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